ANA Urges New York Delegation to Protect Advertising

This morning, ANA sent a letter to all members of the New York delegation to Congress urging them to protect the tax deductibility of advertising.  Today is the beginning of Advertising Week, an annual conference held in New York City which brings together thousands of marketing and communications professionals to discuss best practices and the future of advertising.  Advertising Week provides an excellent reminder to New York’s representatives in Congress that advertising is a vital part of their state’s economy.  Advertising expenditures account for $510.9 billion of economic output in New York – that is 19.7 percent of the $2.5 trillion total economic output in the state.  Advertising also generates 1.4 million jobs in the state.

ANA’s letter explained that the recent proposals in Congress to reduce the tax deductibility of advertising would represent a drastic shift from over 100 years of protection in the tax code.  The letter calls on the representatives to actively oppose any tax on advertising because of its potential to seriously impact New York’s businesses’ bottom lines and jeopardize the state’s economy, jobs and sales.  True tax reform should focus on closing loopholes and special interest write-offs that limit the competitiveness of all businesses, whether in New York or nationwide, instead of on penalizing companies that advertise.