Illinois Governor Issues Amendatory Veto of Data Breach Bill

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has issued an amendatory veto of SB1833, the very broad data breach bill that was drafted by Attorney General Madigan and passed earlier this year by the General Assembly. The Governor’s letter is available here. ANA has worked closely with a broad range of other industry groups to oppose this legislation as it moved through the Assembly. In an unprecedented step, this bill requires disclosures for breaches of marketing and geolocation data and goes far beyond any state data breach laws in the country. The amendatory veto issued on Friday by the Governor struck these provisions. It will now be up to the General Assembly to determine whether to accept the Governor’s proposed changes, vote to override his veto or take no action. A 3/5 vote in both houses is required to override a veto by the Governor.  

While this is an important initial victory for the business community, it is too soon to know what action the General Assembly will take. This legislation could also get tied up in the intense political battle now being waged between the Governor and Assembly members over the state budget. We are consulting with allies in Springfield to determine the best next steps to take.