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ANA/Google Privacy-Preserving Technology Partnership

Google and ANA members are actively collaborating on discussions to shape the future of the ad industry post third-party cookies. Emphasizing privacy-focused solutions and new features in Google ads, this ongoing dialogue, initiated since the announcement on January 14, 2020, aims to align with Google Chrome's objective of phasing out cookies by 2024, as detailed in The Privacy Sandbox Timeline for the Web.

ANA's engagement involves close interaction with Google Chrome and ads teams, providing insights into evolving privacy strategies, including Privacy Sandbox APIs, while also addressing pertinent topics like ads regulation. This partnership empowers ANA members to actively contribute to the responsible development of privacy-preserving technologies, shaping the future landscape of online advertising.

Meeting No. 6: September 18, 2023

Key Takeaways from this session:
  • This session kicked off with an overview and update from Alex Propes (Government Affairs & Public Policy). Alex highlighted common themes surfacing across the globe including:
    • User transparency, controls, consent
    • Data localization and transfers
    • Kids/teens online
    • Sensitive groups
    • Personalized ads restrictions
  • He also discussed notable developments in the US, including personalized ads restrictions, automated opt-out (Global Privacy Control, deletion tools), opt-in proposals, health data safeguards, protecting kids and teens online, and data broker focus.
  • Zach Walz (Ads Privacy Go-to-Market) discussed how marketers can prepare for third-party cookie deprecation with a “Build, Measure, Activate” framework. He discussed the importance of first-party data and establishing a clear value exchange with customers, how to measure conversions more accurately with first-party data and how to leverage the power of AI to discover new audiences.
  • Display Global Product Leads and Product Managers working on Optimized Targeting and Remarketing joined to discuss how to win on display without cookies. They shared how Google Ads is evolving our products to incorporate new privacy-preserving technologies and how we are supporting the key use cases of remarketing via the Protected Audience API at 3PCD.
  • Lastly, they presented two hypothetical scenarios to gauge marketer reaction/feedback in order to better prepare for these use cases.


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Meeting No. 5: June 1, 2023

Key Takeaways from this session:
  • Brendon Kraham from Search & Commerce Global Ads and Karen Stocks from Global Measurement Solutions gave us an update on Google's AI evolution and its relevance to third-party cookie deprecation. They brought to life how AI helps Google's ads products deliver privacy and performance when third-party cookies or mobile identifiers are no longer available.
  • We discussed how in a world where observable data is sparse, it needs to be modeled to fill in the gaps. AI supercharges modeling and allows us to do things that we weren't able to do before.
  • We discussed solutions like DDA, PMax, Consent Mode, and Enhanced Conversions. Karen also stressed the continued importance of sitewide tagging. These are all tools available today that will continue to work without 3P cookies.
  • Karen made it clear that the Chrome and Android Sandbox APIs will give Google ads products incremental value, but it is incremental to the durable and privacy-preserving solutions that already exist today, and she encouraged everyone to test now.
  • We discussed Google's announcement that they are building a 1P MMM solution that will be open source and available for anyone to use to improve their models and how search is valued in MMMs.
  • Laura Krug from the Web Ads Privacy team discussed the recent Google ads product Interest Based Advertising (IBA) test results (see link under resources) and how Google saw better performance when the solutions were using AI alongside other signals from the API, contextual, etc.
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Meeting No. 4: February 23, 2023

Key Takeaways from this session:
  • Dan Taylor, VP Global Ads, discussed new developments in the 2023 privacy landscape and provided an overview of Google's approach to compliance including the use of Restricted Data Processing while continuing to advocate for responsible national privacy regulation.
  • Dan also provided an overview of API testing efforts to date and spoke about how encouraged Google Ads product teams feel by these early testing results.
  • Anthony Chavez, VP Product Management, provided a progress update on the Chrome and Android Privacy Sandbox initiatives, reinforced that the timeline stands, and spoke about efforts such as the runtime SDK.
  • Anthony also stressed that the Sandbox API's are intended to be building blocks, rather than out-of-the-box products, and most ad tech will use these signals in combination with other signals to support ads use cases. Dan Taylor confirmed that this is how Google Ads is approaching, and wrapped up by speaking about the future ads roadmap which includes a focus on 1P data products like customer match, enhanced conversions, and newer solutions like publisher-provided IDs and PAIR in DV360.
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Meeting No. 3: December 1, 2022

Key Takeaways from this session:

This session was tailored to bring you succinct and actionable updates. Google's Government Affairs & Public Policy Team gave a brief update on their approach to addressing the evolving privacy regulatory landscape and answered questions on specific regulatory trends and the opportunity for the industry to influence and their Display & Ads 360 product team provided an explanation of their newer privacy-preserving technologies, PAIR and PPID/EPID, and discussed specific use cases.

  • PAIR Workflow Visual
  • PAIR Proof of Concept (see attached PDF)
  • The list of committed publishers for the proof of concept includes:
    • Vox
    • Rogers Sports & Media
    • Publishers Clearing House
  • Alcohol Policy/Restrictions for PAIR: Google committed to working on this and to following up with the appropriate account teams as soon as possible
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Meeting No. 2: September 28, 2022

Key Takeaways from this session:

Based on interest from the first roundtable to dive deeper into remarketing, Google Chrome joined to discuss FLEDGE and Google Display & Ads 360 shared more on remarketing products, giving attendees an early look at a new privacy-preserving technology called PAIR.

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  • PAIR announcement – please reach out to your Google account teams if you would like to explore further


Meeting No. 1: June 28, 2022

Key Takeaways from this session:

Google Chrome gave an overview of the Privacy Sandbox initiative including early API testing and a deep dive on Topics and FLEDGE.

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