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How do you benefit from joining AIMM?


  • Secure your seat at an important table: Become a key contributor to the country‚Äôs most influential multicultural and inclusive marketing alliance, shaping the vision and future of U.S. marketing.
  • Make it relevant:¬†Ensure that your unique voice and industry expertise are captured in the vision and progression of the Alliance‚Äôs work and impact.


  • Serve your constituencies with the power of collective impact: Deliver solutions to your key constituencies and top customers with expertise that goes beyond your own core competencies.
  • Leadership and training education: Increase your team‚Äôs multicultural marketing knowledge to support its accountability for growth.
  • Total Market assessment and playbook: Industry survey that will study best practices, obstacles and impact from Total Market to date plus diagnostic assessment of Total Market campaigns. Playbook on Total Market and internal organizational structures.
  • AIMM hub: Centralized portal curating AIMM content, collaboration and resources for multicultural and diverse segments.

Why AIMM Vice Chair Tony Rogers got involved


  • Cultivate entry level talent:¬†Participate in a premier internship program that pre-screens and matches large numbers of qualified and diverse college student candidates to your company. Complement current programs or leverage as main source.
  • Cultivate upper management talent:¬†Expand pool of qualified candidates for addressing multicultural market growth with premier database of upper management talent.¬†¬†


  • Multicultural and diversity benchmarking study:¬†Summary of industry‚Äôs state of the union for multicultural marketing, including - goals, challenges, internal organization/COE‚Äôs, budgets, attitudes and how multicultural gets done.
  • Benchmarking assessment on data and metrics:¬†Industry-wide roundtable to identify, prioritize and close data representation and quality gaps for multicultural segments and advocate for increasing cost efficiencies within multicultural research.
  • Multicultural media investment research:¬†Define top U.S. advertisers‚Äô media investment trends for reaching multicultural consumers; more accurately attribute audience, viewership and impact of segments to better align allocations.
  • Digital brand equity study:¬†Test the impact that cultural relevance has on your digital campaigns vs. campaigns without cultural insights.




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