AIMM: Letter from Bob Liodice

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U.S. demographics have dramatically changed and many marketers are ill-equipped to adapt brand and marketplace strategies to turn that change to their advantage. Embracing the multicultural and LGBTQ communities has become more important than ever.

With business and brand growth lacking, aligning multicultural and inclusive marketing with the demography of the U.S. is fundamental to our cornerstone growth objective.

ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) was created to provide corporations with viable solutions for growth by targeting growing, inclusive market segments so they can realize their full potential. Its mission is to create a powerful voice that elevates multicultural and inclusive marketing in an increasingly diverse marketplace.

AIMM is working to unite the industry to elevate diversity and increase multicultural marketing imperatives. It brings together a collective of senior-level marketers from the African-American, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ and general market communities, as well as media publishers, research and data companies, advertising agencies and trade associations, to create a united blueprint for the evolution of multicultural and diverse-segment marketing in the U.S. AIMM’s purpose is to have a meaningful societal impact while gaining the trust and loyalty of these consumers, as they will be the base for tomorrow’s corporate growth.



Bob Liodice
Chief Executive Officer

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