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We all know the population growth trends, spending power, and cultural influence of multicultural consumers. But as the AIMM team got deeper into our work, we were unclear on the fundamental questions: "How much media spend is targeted to multicultural audiences? Is that spend growing? Is it truly reflective of the size of this opportunity?" We commissioned PQ Media to find out.

U.S. Multicultural Media Forecast 2019 is a landmark study for multicultural marketing. For years, a number of smart companies have marketed to multicultural audiences. This report identifies a clear opportunity for more marketers to engage multicultural consumers to drive business growth, and is especially notable for encouraging those marketers still "sitting on the sidelines" to now "get in the game."

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Organizational Structure: How Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing Teams Can Be Set Up for Success assesses how different organizational structures can impact business and campaign results. Provides best practices in the marketplace that can be applied across all organizations to fully capture diverse multicultural segments business opportunities. Organizational Structures featured include: Segment Specific Departments, Multicultural Departments/Centers of Excellence, Integrated Structures and Hybrid models.

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AIMM has already begun to transform the industry into a more inclusive, diverse, and proactive platform.

Download the study Case for Change: Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing as a Business Imperative for Long-Term Growth to help marketers better understand the importance of prioritizing multicultural and inclusive consumers in order to maximize overall corporate growth.

Discover how to implement AIMM’s five point plan into your company’s overall marketing plan.



ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), based on three separate studies among ANA members, concludes that women overwhelmingly comprise the bulk of the marketing industry's workforce with near parity in leadership roles; meanwhile, ethnic diversity in the marketing workforce is poor, particularly in leadership positions.

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