ANA's Data Analytics Center (DAC)

The mission of ANA's Data Analytics Center (DAC) is the preeminent provider of thought leadership and education resources for marketing analytics and measurement. By helping marketers focus on the metrics that matter, marketing can become better aligned with finance and the entire C-Suite.





The ANA Data Analytics Center, connected by Neustar, is the preeminent industry gateway for thought leadership, education, and recognition in marketing measurement, data, and analytics. It is the go-to source for marketers looking to build on or improve their understanding of marketing measurement. It includes components, such as content, seminars, webinars, and training. Our Data Analytics Center will help marketers identify their data needs, utilize the tools to advance their skill and understanding, and encourage knowledge sharing among peers.

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The ANA Genius Awards recognize the best, brightest, most innovative and most impactful work in marketing analytics today. The Awards will be presented to individuals on behalf of their organizations. There is no fee to participate.