Masters of Marketing Week: Rising Stars

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Who is a rising star in your marketing department?

The ANA wants to recognize and reward the brightest young talent of our member companies. During Masters of Marketing Week, we will once again present the Rising Marketing Star Award to the future leaders of the marketing community.

We invite you to nominate the young people in your marketing organization who have shown competence, aptitude, leadership, and professionalism in the field of marketing.

The winners of the Rising Marketing Star Award should act as role models for other up-and-coming marketers across the industry. It is a terrific opportunity for someone at your company, as the winners carry the recognition this award conveys throughout their careers.

The 2019 Rising Marketing Stars winning class will be honored on Thursday, October 3.



How do I nominate someone for a Rising Marketing Star Award?
To nominate a Rising Star, please visit our Nomination page and complete the form. You will be asked to detail your nominee's achievements, specifically how this person has contributed to your marketing organization and how your nominee's efforts have stood out among those of their contemporaries and colleagues. 

Who qualifies for a Rising Marketing Star Award?
To be considered, nominees must be:

  • 30 years of age or younger by December 31, 2019
  • Currently employed by an ANA member company
  • Nominated by a senior executive in their marketing organization
  • Regarded as an emerging leader by senior members of their company

What does the ANA look for in a nominee?
RMSA nominees are the future of the marketing industry. They are highly talented marketers, innovators, disruptors, and leaders. Rising Stars have contributed materially to the overall excellence and effectiveness of the marketing organization in their companies. Their work is measurable and accountable. They are skilled in integrating marketing with other departments and are conversant in many of the issues of our industry.

Your nomination should tell the story of how your Rising Star has made a notable difference to your company. Share how your nominee has had a breakthrough idea, developed an innovative campaign, produced measurable and lasting ROI, managed significant budgets or accounts, mentored other staffers, built brand awareness, expanded the company's media presence, successfully launched a new product or line, or created memorable content.

What does a nomination look like?
Your entry should show the breadth and depth of your nominee's accomplishments. Please be specific and concrete in your examples; details and numbers are important and will help us gauge the impact of your nominee's efforts. The 2018 class of Rising Stars can be used as a guide for writing your 2019 nomination entry.

When will the winners be announced?
Awards will be presented during Masters of Marketing Week (October 2–5, 2019). Winners of the Rising Marketing Star Awards will be given complimentary registrations to the conference. They will be brought on stage and presented with their awards by ANA CEO Bob Liodice.

Entry Instructions

To be considered, nominees must be:

  • 30 years of age or younger by December 31, 2019 (date of birth on or after January 1, 1989)
  • Currently employed by an ANA member company
  • Nominated by a senior executive in their marketing organization
  • Regarded as an emerging leader by senior members of their company

These individuals should have:

  • Made valuable contributions to the overall excellence/effectiveness of their marketing organization
  • Demonstrated leadership, innovation, creativity, and accountability in executing their marketing responsibilities
  • Exemplified skill in integrating marketing disciplines and working with other professionals
  • Exhibited knowledge of current issues in advertising and familiarity with the tools marketers are using to reach their audiences

Example Entry

A good entry will be rich with description of how this person has risen within your organization, explain the difficulties they have surmounted, and a offer a thorough set of results that supports how they are making a positive impact on marketing. See below for a winning entry from last year.

Please describe the personal and leadership characteristics that you believe make this person deserving of the ANA Rising Marketing Star Award.
Alicia is ahead of her years in many ways. She earned the position of Regional Marketing Leader for Grant Thornton's Atlantic Coast Region, a position held by peers with 10+ years more experience on average. After joining the firm in 2011 as a tax associate, Alicia's bright and imaginative mind quickly compelled her to transfer from the accounting and tax field into marketing where she demonstrated her talents as a marketing professional. She quickly moved up the ranks from associate, to senior associate, to manager, now to associate director leading marketing for the region, in just 6 years. The characteristics that make Alicia stand out as a rising star are her ambition and drive, creativity, leadership, project management, intellect and ability to build rapport with senior leaders. Alicia possesses the rare mix of being an idea engine, constantly pouring out ideas, with the ability to execute and successfully project manage those ideas to fruition.

What distinguishes this person's efforts this year from other people's efforts?
In addition to Alicia's regional marketing leadership role, she is also positioned as the chief of staff to the Regional Managing Partner. She participates in regional leadership meetings and is viewed as a trusted advisor and contributor to the leadership team, sharing her insights and recommendations to advance the region's brand position, develop strategy and achieve growth goals. For Alicia's year-end review, the regional managing partner shared, "It's crazy that someone with Alicia's years' experience is my right hand, but I have a high level of trust in Alicia. She has great ideas – she thinks through things in a different way that the partners can't." What distinguishes Alicia the most is that she has achieved the coveted position as a marketing advisor to leadership, and has earned a seat at the table as part of the leadership team. This is a challenge for marketers with many more years' experience, and sets Alicia apart from others.

How specifically did this person's efforts contribute to the marketing efforts at your organization?

  • Ran a premier hospitality experience for the region's most significant relationships, resulting in an overall NPS of 97, $700K in won opportunities and $2M in open opportunities, and a return on investment of over 12 times. Alicia tested a new invitation approach that increased first round acceptances by 100%.
  • Quickly acted on the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win by developing a parade hospitality program that resulted in $400K+ in open opportunities – this speaks to Alicia's agility and opportunistic speed to market. - Led a coordinated unsolicited bid strategy responsible for a $21M pipeline (qualified & unqualified).
  • Evolved the typical request for a direct mail letter campaign into a tablet mail campaign where Alicia developed the video content, sourced the tablets, and produced the mailing, resulting in $1.3M in opportunities and $250K in wins, a ROI of over 5 times. - Leadership and coaching of two Atlantic Coast marketing colleagues, and a marketer in Bangalore.
  • Pitched an idea rooted in one of the two key tenets of Grant Thornton's brand positioning that evolved into a broader national campaign currently being developed.
  • Successfully piloted outsourced regional marketing support model in India. - Developed comprehensive SWOT analysis for the region that was instrumental in setting the strategy for growth.
  • Developed and regularly delivers marketing onboarding training for all Philadelphia new hires, educating them on the firm's growth strategy and brand positioning.
  • Part of the leadership team for one of the premier conferences in Philadelphia with over 1,000 attendees. Led the Marketing & Social Media Committee, and with her planning, increased social media engagement by 60% and conference satisfaction with a record high NPS of 89%.