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The Data Marketing & Analytics division provides the data strategy and management capability needed to drive growth for your organization. We build the marketing technology capability that supports people-based marketing at scale, enabling optimal marketer decision-making to generate measurable business results.

We’re dedicated to advocating on issues that affect the data marketing and analytics industry via ANA Government Affairs. Issues include privacy, transparency, codes of conduct, and standards that affect the entire industry.


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The ability to responsibly use data is the foundation of successful marketing and advertising, but at any moment federal or state policies and regulations could severely curtail your ability to use data.

We advocate before Congress, federal agencies such as the FCC and FTC, and legislatures in all 50 states to protect your ability to responsibly collect and use data. Our goal is to ensure that the self-regulatory framework is strong and robust, and pre-empts the need for burdensome regulations

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With a best-in-class education offering and suite of marketing intelligence research and benchmarks, we ensure your organization and talent are second to none.

Whether it’s certifying your talent for the data-driven future with credentials or pulling from insightful and actionable research, our programs help you gain a powerful competitive edge.


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Bringing together both the buy and sell sides of the marketing ecosystem, our events accelerate marketer and solutions provider networking more effectively and efficiently than any other organization.

We accelerate the process of scouting business partners and then building meaningful relationships with people who are leading ideas into action through our conferences, events and committees.


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