Bringing You Resources from the Health Action Alliance

Marketing Technology Procurement and Implementation ResourcesThe Health Action Alliance has launched an exciting new partnership among leading business, communications, and public health organizations. The HAA’s goal is to help the business community respond to the pandemic, embrace safe and effective vaccines, and rebuild public health.

We are proud to share these resources, developed by the Health Action Alliance, which can be used to strengthen and accelerate the business community’s response to the pandemic and help rebuild public health:

  • Tools to guide the development of COVID-19 vaccination policies and programs to educate workers about vaccines, encourage vaccine acceptance, and reduce barriers to vaccination
  • Research-backed messaging, briefing materials, and communications tools to strengthen employee and consumer outreach
  • Virtual events and training opportunities with health experts, scientists, and communication professionals
  • Best-practice public service campaigns and tested messages for key audiences
  • Dedicated tools and guidance for engaging and supporting communities of color and other groups who may have unique concerns or questions about vaccines
  • Resources and training opportunities for employee resource groups, communications teams, content creators, and human resource professionals
  • Networking opportunities to share best business practices and lessons learned

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