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The ANA Masters Circle was established in 2016 as a way for all CMOs to come together in unified leadership to transform marketing into a force for growth and a force for good.

Driven by the ANA Growth Agenda, the ANA Masters Circle is committed to helping CMOs look much further ahead to envision what their brands, business, and society will need to grow in the coming months and years ahead.

The ANA Masters Circle has brought together select teams of chief marketers to drive our industry forward:

Global CMO
Growth Council

In 2018, the CMO Growth Council was established by the ANA and Cannes Lions to represent the collective agenda and voice of a unified community of marketing's leaders and build a roadmap for driving business growth through marketing.

Led by Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, the Council includes leading CMOs from 25 top brands around the world.

Global CMO
Leadership Coalition

The impact of a global pandemic and recession, combined with racial injustice around the world, underscores the need for chief marketers to work together in the face of transformative change on a global scale.

The Global CMO Leadership Coalition, which includes a cross-industry coalition of CMOs and industry partners, is dedicated to helping the marketing community manage these and other ongoing global crises.

CMO Growth
Champions Forum

As companies create innovative ways to accelerate business growth, CMOs must actively upgrade their own skill sets to influence the growth agenda.

To help CMOs make better-informed decisions, the ANA has invested heavily in the development of the CMO Growth Champions Forum, in partnership with Jim Stengel, former global chief marketing officer at Procter & Gamble and founder of the Jim Stengel Company.

The Global CMO Growth Council Summit on Marketing Leadership

Join us in October as leaders of the world’s top brands mobilize to accelerate bold, far-reaching, and visionary initiatives aimed at regenerating global economic and societal growth. With marketing norms shattered, industries rendered idle, and the world on pause – chief marketers have an urgent responsibility to push for positive structural changes to our marketing ecosystem that will lead to lasting benefits for their brands, their customers, and our global society.

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