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About the Unlimited Corporate Package

Only corporate package pricing is available for this conference, allowing you to register your entire company for one price. Once you purchase a package, our system will automatically recognize your domain, allowing for complimentary registrations and an unlimited number of attendees.

If your company has already purchased a corporate package and you would like to register under the corporate package, please click "Register Now."

If you have any questions or have issues when registering, please reach out to registration@ana.net.


Code of Conduct: Nonprofit Federation Events

The Nonprofit Federation is dedicated to making our events a safe place for all. We do not tolerate harassment, intimidation or inappropriate behavior of any kind. All participants in Nonprofit Federation activities should adhere to a civil demeanor, a respectful and welcoming attitude toward colleagues and attendees at events.

You agree that your conduct reflects the Nonprofit Federation and its high standards of professionalism and respect toward others, including those with whom you may disagree. Discourse is highly encouraged but as professionals and leaders in the space that discourse should always be respectful. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be subject to removal from Nonprofit Federation event participation.

Anyone who believes they are being harassed, intimidated or targeted with inappropriate behavior should report it immediately to the SVP of the Federation Senny Boone, Esq., SBoone@ana.net, 202.861.2498. Anyone found in violation of the Federation's Code of Conduct may receive a warning, expulsion, or legal authorities shall be contacted if warranted by the circumstance. Anyone who feels unsafe or threatened onsite should immediately go to the hotel and alert the staff and police as may be necessary.

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