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The Association of National Advertisers Nonprofit Federation (ANA NF) works tirelessly on behalf of the nonprofit fundraising community, aggressively and effectively advocating about postal, regulatory, legislative, and accountability issues at every level of government. With the rising litany of threats to charitable fundraising, our presence as an industry voice has never been more imperative.

The ANA represents over 1,200 marketing and fundraising organizations. Our members, whether they are commercially-driven or mission-focused, benefit by learning from each other, sharing industry-leading best practices, and leveraging the performance-enhancing tools and resources that are only available through the ANA.

“For members, our number one objective is to bring you the very best in education, events, standards, and guidance so you and your organization can grow and advance your mission.”

— Xenia “Senny” Boone
SVP, ANA Nonprofit Federation

About the ANA Nonprofit Federation

The Nonprofit Federation of ANA protects and defends nonprofit fundraising across marketing channels to advance responsible data-driven fundraising and marketing.

Mission Statement: Since 1982, the ANA Nonprofit Federation and its predecessor organizations have been aggressive and effective advocates for nonprofits on postal, regulatory, legislative, and accountability issues. It has led the way in professional education, networking, and industry advancement.

What Do We Stand For?

Nonprofit organizations are tackling the most difficult and challenging needs of our society. We are under constant pressure to deliver on our missions with fewer resources than ever before. Strong nonprofit organizations mean a strong society that can sustain vital missions in every corner of our community. The ANA Nonprofit Federation is here to help by enabling you to support your mission and expand your talent through best-in-class fundraising and marketing. We provide the highest quality education, access to expertise, advocacy efforts, and information from top organizations and brands to help you navigate and grow. 

Our goal is to help you help others.


Membership Overview

Our members, whether they are commercially-driven or mission-focused, benefit by learning from each other, sharing industry-leading best practices, and leveraging the performance-enhancing tools and resources that are only available through the ANA.

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Xenia “Senny” Boone

Jocelyn Argarin, CMP
Director of Conferences and Education


Alicia Osgood
Director of Membership and Communications

Gay MacLeod
Director, Member Relations


Jeremy Ladson
Manager, Education and Events


What we offer


  • ANA NF Chicago Nonprofit Conference
    Join hundreds of fundraising and marketing professionals at The ANA Chicago Nonprofit Conference, a three-day event where you can exchange innovative marketing and fundraising ideas that will generate insightful solutions and help you think creatively to make the relationship with your donors even stronger.
  • ANA DC Nonprofit Conference
    Marketing and fundraising evolution is accelerating. You can keep up by attending this Washington conference alongside hundreds of organizations. Obtain top case studies and examples of excellence in fundraising, and network with your peers.
  • Webinars
    Webinars offer you a quick review of fundraising and marketing topics by top thought leaders. Whether it is a recent policy development that challenges your ability to reach donors or a new tactic in marketing that can improve your results, we have topics planned throughout the year to keep you current.

Resources for Nonprofits

  • Ethics and Policy Resources: Information to help your organization comply with member guidelines.
  • The Journal: Help enhance our members' knowledge base of the nonprofit sector.
  • News Update E-newsletter: Important nonprofit-only news and information.
  • Research Library: Documents and webinars on a wide variety of fundraising topics to help you make informed decisions.
  • Service Provider Directory: This list showcases top agencies and partners that work on behalf of organizations to raise funds and can help on a range of needs for nonprofits.
  • Member Privacy Shield Program: Members can participate in the ANA Privacy Shield if you are using European donor data to ensure you are compliant with data privacy; also, ensure you are using DMAchoice file to screen out deceased, caretaker, and opted-out consumer names. This saves you mailing costs and helps ensure you are not contacting opted-out names.
  • Nonprofit Careers E-bulletin: A powerful and effective vehicle for you to search for your next great hire.
  • ANA Marketing Knowledge Center:  Insights, tools, and resources to help you expand your nonprofit brand.



A Closer Look at our Latest Event

A Note from Senny Boone, SVP at ANA NF

These are challenging times for the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations are doing more with less as they support incredibly valued missions nationally. In every locality, the need is great. Giving trends demonstrate improvement is necessary, and we face challenges to reach donors due to new restrictive data pushes by regulators. The ANA Nonprofit Federation is here to help you grow individually and to help expand your organization in marketing and fundraising. A strong charitable community ensures a strong society that is sustainable for the future: that is our vision.

For our members, our number one objective is to bring you the very best education and events so you and your organization can grow and prosper.

  • We are a strong and vital voice for you on Capitol Hill, across federal agencies, and throughout the states on issues affecting your ability to raise funds and market your organization. This includes data privacy, postal regulations and rates, new technologies, fundraising solicitation rules, incentives in the tax code, and First Amendment speech issues.
  • The ANA leads industry coalitions like Privacy for America, which is shaping new laws for privacy that will help consumers without stifling your ability to engage donors at every level.
  • We offer top educational programs for our nonprofit members to learn from the most highly regarded organizations and brands. We have dozens of events and content accessible to members to get you and your team to the next level.
  • We host two industry leading nonprofit-focused national conferences each year in addition to multiple national events suited to every aspect of your marketing program. Our conferences lead the industry conversation and provide tremendous opportunities to learn, network, and grow professionally.
  • We convene top nonprofit leaders to advance best practices and ethical standards in charitable fundraising. Our standards are developed by leading experts to help ensure fundraising and marketing by organizations is held to the highest standards, and we serve as a resource for your questions and concerns on best practices and compliance matters.

The ANA Nonprofit Federation is now stronger than ever thanks to the convening power and influence of the ANA. Collectively, we articulate the value of the charitable sector to our society. We will help to lift you to new heights professionally, expand your peer network, and increase your knowledge. We are delighted you are here!

- Xenia “Senny” Boone
SVP, ANA Nonprofit Federation