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After 30 years of Multicultural Marketing, the game to win consumers’ loyalties has changed dramatically in media reach, quality engagement and data, but not enough in other areas like proper allocations, staffing, measurements, and ROI.
Multicultural marketing and Total Market has been oversimplified and challenged by efficiency versus effectiveness forces.

The industry lacks a cross-cultural entity that attends common issues and threats to drive effective results.

AIMM has successfully convened expert voices of the ecosystem, representing corporations, media and research companies, advertising agencies and trade associations representing the General, Hispanic, African American, Asian American and LGBTQ markets to carve out the future of marketing to a more diverse consumer base.

Brands that have invested in multicultural and inclusive segment strategies have seen measurable impact, ranging from key segments representing up to 100% share growth for their brands to seeing sales rates 3x greater than their general market efforts

Why AIMM Co-Chair Michael Lacorazza got involved

Through industry-research and collaboration, AIMM identified four (4) top challenges as the most critical ones to address this year and converted them into Action Tracks, that are now being chaired and advanced by AIMM members. These plans are not circular conversations, cycling in “echo chambers” or “industry silos.” These are intentional and bold work plans that are being elevated to the C-suite and driving real market growth for AIMM members and the industry.

Action Tracks
Organizational Structure

Assess how different organizational structures have affected business and campaign results. Provide best practices in the marketplace that can be applied across all organizations to fully capture diverse multicultural segments business opportunities. Organizational Structures considered will include: Segment Specific Departments, Multicultural Departments/Centers of Excellence, Integrated Structures and Hybrid models. 

Total Market

Develop a playbook that brings clarity to the broadly accepted and widely used Total Market approach, including the nomenclature. Provide definition of the diverse mainstream, address the importance of cultural insights, measurement and reporting, appropriate levels of investments, media and messaging, as well as internal and external marketing models. Publish best-in-class case studies from leading advertisers.

Metrics and Measurement

Enhance representation, projectability, overall reliability and access to multicultural segment data. Close the quality gap and price differential between multicultural and general market data. Validate investment in multicultural segments by demonstrating effective growth and return-on-investment.

Talent and Education

Create a system that helps elevate the level of multicultural knowledge in corporations and agencies through the creation of webinars and educational platforms. Increase the number and quality of diverse candidates and executives in corporations and agencies alike via the provision and recommendation of viable candidates in order to better target and reflect the communities served.



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