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Why you're here

In May, 2018, ANA acquired the Data & Marketing Association (formerly the Direct Marketing Association). This acquisition aligned the overall strategies of both organizations under a single brand and created the largest trade association in the U.S. devoted to serving all aspects of marketing.

Now, the DMA's website has been fully incorporated into the ANA.

Review ethical business practice guidelines and guidance

Also available as a PDF, these generally accepted principles of conduct reflect the marketing industry's long-standing policy of promoting the highest levels of ethics in data stewardship and marketing.

File a marketing ethics complaint

The ANA is interested in hearing from you if you believe a direct marketing promotion or practice is questionable and may warrant a formal review by the Committee. The ANA receives and investigates complaints against member and nonmember organizations. File a complaint.

Name removal service: DMAchoice

For consumers who wish to “remove” or reduce the overall volume of promotional prospect mail offers you receive from common mailing lists, you may register which is good for 10 years, along with a nominal processing fee with our mail suppression service – DMAchoice. (Please note ANA is not the source of consumer names for marketing purposes. We offer this mail suppression service to assist consumers in managing their marketing preferences.)


Learn more about the ANA and how we build growth champions.



What you'll find on ANA.net

All of the advocacy, innovation, education, and connections designed to help you seize the full potential of your data are available through the ANA website. This includes our Data and Analytics Practice, our Measurement & Accountability Committee, numerous compliance resources and accountability reporting capabilities, and multiple national conferences, including the annual Masters of Data & Technology Conference.

We encourage you to log in and look around ANA.net. If you prefer, you can start exploring ANA’s initiatives from the ANA home page or learn more about us, including how we are leading the industry in creating a stronger, more sustainable economic future with the ANA Growth Agenda.

Not sure if you're an ANA member?

Use your business email address to create your free account; if you're a member through your company, we'll know.

Members can access their benefits as soon as they sign up and log in.


If you have any questions, please contact us at ethics@ana.net.