Data, Analytics, and Technology

The proper use of data and technology represents one of the most powerful opportunities brands have to get close to customers and improve growth.

The ANA is focused on creating a full suite of products and services to help data-driven marketers fuel growth through the informed, effective, and responsible use of data and technology.

The Challenge

Organizations are increasingly becoming data led. Studies have shown that companies who have developed a comprehensive data strategy and analytics capability, achieve growth at a rate higher than companies who have not. For today's marketers, it has become essential to develop a deeper understanding of data and analytics in order to create actionable insights, better decisioning and drive sustainable growth for the long term. And yet, this is an area where marketing leaders are not well-versed.

The ANA’s Response

The ANA is focused on creating a suite of consultative products and services designed to assist marketers in making effective and responsible business decisions when using data and technology to fuel differentiated and sustainable growth. We learn, grow, and are more successful together as part of the ANA's Data & Analytics, MarTech, Marketing Futures, and Addressability practices, and the member-driven initiatives they facilitate such as The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, #EngageResponsibly, the ANA International ECHO Awards, and more.

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B2B Data & Analytics

2 days ago

How are B2B marketers leveraging data and analytics in their marketing efforts?

Podcast POVs

Deepfakes and Disasters: The Potential Nightmares of Hyper-Realistic Marketing

2 days ago

Marketing Futures podcast host Mike Berberich gives marketers a rundown on what a deepfake is, how this new technology can affect marketing, and how to respond if and when a deepfake crisis arises for your brand.

ANA Magazine

Marketers Need to Be More Selective With the Data They Use

by Chuck Kapelke, 2 days ago

Marketers continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of data they collect. A big part of the problem is that companies tend to acquire technology without thinking about the specific marketing goals and objectives for which the resulting data will be used. To tame the tech stack, CMOs and their teams need to do a better job of planning and figure out what the end game for the data is well before executing.

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