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Data, Technology, and Measurement

Among the most important initiatives of the CMO Growth Council are those centered on data, technology, and measurement — the engines that will lead marketers into the future. And yet, this is an area where marketing leaders may not be well-versed.

Working together as an industry, we will harness the power and promise of data and technology to attain peak performance.

The ANA’s Approach

As a founding member of the Digital Advertising Alliance self-regulatory program, the Partnership for Responsible and Addressable Media (PRAM), Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS), and the global Cross-Media Measurement (CMM) initiative, we are uniquely poised to help data-driven marketers fuel growth with a full suite of products and services.

CMO Growth Council

The CMO Growth Council was established in 2018 to assemble the most vibrant, diverse, and dynamic force of chief marketers from some of the world’s most successful brands. Its ultimate aim is to support the international community with a first-of-its-kind roadmap for driving business growth through marketing.

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B2B Marketer

Can Generative AI Level the Marketing Field for SMBs?

by Marie Griffin, 6 days ago

A growing number of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are betting on generative AI and hoping to reap the benefits. But the technology is still evolving and prone to occasional "hallucinations" and inconsistent output. SMB marketers should start to experiment with employee-facing applications, rather than customer-facing use cases, to reduce the risk of negatively affecting revenue as they iron out any bugs.

Money Slides

Consumers' Concerns About AI, by the Numbers

6 days ago

Media agency Carat shares Dentsu data on which concerns about AI most worry consumers and which applications for the new technology they most support.

Industry Insights

3 Practical Tips for Unlocking Programmatic’s Potential in 2024

by Ezra Doty, 1 week ago

With 2024 on the horizon, the challenges presented by the market’s unhealthy addiction to cookies and the limitations posed by misguided investments in walled gardens like Google and Meta have shifted from constant chatter to clear and present danger for those who have not shifted practices to hit their goals. The good news? The gaps that will increasingly prevent those invested in programmatic from reaching their full potential are evident and addressable.

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Bringing marketers together to learn from each other and debate new approaches and solutions to industry hurdles.

A benefit of ANA membership, committee meetings feature a mix of member case studies, perspective from outside experts, and benchmarking/best-practice sharing that drive thought leadership on key industry issues. Each ANA committee meets three to four times per year and can be attended in person or remotely. Depending on the committee, 10 to 30 participants may attend — big enough for diversity of opinion, yet small enough for more intimate exchanges.

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