Global Sustainability

In a world where climate change should make sustainability top of mind, organizations need to make their products ethical and more environmentally friendly, and set precedents for future production.

The ANA has taken actions to drive social responsibility and environmental sustainability, and provide marketers easy-to-understand pathways for leveraging this critical platform for growth.

The Challenge

Whether purchasing recycled paper and plastic, eliminating toxic chemicals from products, or setting goals to reduce carbon emissions, brands have had to up their efforts to meet the standards of environmental watchdogs and conscious consumers, as well as the social media armies that stand behind them.

The ANA’s Response

The ANA is involved with an array of social and environmental initiatives, including #BrandsForGood, which is focused on developing toolkits, measurement methodologies, and other resources to deliver more sustainable solutions and help consumers see themselves as part of the solution.

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Consumers’ Desire for Sustainability: A Data Roundup

1 day ago

Sustainable Brands offers an array of statistics demonstrating the prevalence of people’s desire to live and buy sustainably.

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How to Achieve Carbon Neutrality in Ad Production: Each Stakeholder’s Responsibilities

1 day ago

The organization Ad Net Zero provides a flow chart identifying the stakeholders in the production ecosystem and the responsibilities they must each assume to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

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Sustainability’s Impact on Market Growth

1 day ago

Sustainable Brands uses pie charts to visualize how products marketed as sustainable, while only making up 16 percent of the market, represent 55 percent of market growth, dramatizing the impact that sustainability can have on the bottom line.

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