Media and Supply Chain Transparency

Marketers today operate in the least transparent ecosystem in our industry's history, with a supply chain fraught with waste, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness.

The ANA is aggressively pursuing a wide spectrum of approaches to help marketers restore common-sense management to this unruly business system and create a supply chain that is fraud-free and 100 percent viewable. Measurement – the pursuit of transparency and privacy compliance in this area – is an integral part and builds the foundation of sound media decisioning. One of the leading examples is the ANA's Cross-Media Measurement (CMM) initiative.

The Challenge

The exponential growth of digital media has led to massive media waste and a lack of transparency. With ad blocking accelerating, privacy breaches and consumer data misuse persisting, and the majority of consumers saying ads are annoying, eliminating non-transparent buying practices and confronting digital ad fraud must be prioritized.

The ANA’s Response

The ANA is a steering committee member of Privacy for America, a coalition advocating for strong national consumer data privacy and security legislation, and has championed the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM), a collaborative effort to advance and protect critical functionalities while safeguarding privacy and improving the consumer experience.

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L’Oréal Leverages YouTube and CTV

1 week ago

L’Oréal promoted Maybelline products with a media plan focused exclusively on YouTube on connected TVs.

ANA Magazine

Fighting Digital Ad Fraud Is Getting More Complicated

by Chris Warren, 1 week ago

Fraud in digital advertising remains an issue, and while the exact scale of the problem is a matter of dispute, there's widespread agreement that as the market grows, so will the need for brands to take an active role in protecting their investments.

Industry Insights

You’re Not Ready for CPRA If Your Vendors Aren’t

by Wayne Matus, Rich Vestuto, 3 weeks ago

Say you dutifully got your organization in good compliance with the GDPR, and then did the same for CCPA, and perhaps even for the state laws that followed from Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah. Great.

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