Society and Sustainability

Brands must be a force for good and a force for growth through action. This means using marketing to promote equality and inclusion to achieve a better world for humanity and drive more growth and value for business.

Foundational to this success are solutions that leverage increasingly sophisticated measurement systems, partnerships with primary media and platforms, and clear accountability for brand safety and reduced ad fraud.

The ANA’s Approach

We enable brands to be a force for good and a force for growth and stand at the forefront of the latest research and industry-wide initiatives driving diversity, equality, inclusivity, and brand safety across the marketing industry.

CMO Growth Council

The CMO Growth Council was established in 2018 to assemble the most vibrant, diverse, and dynamic force of chief marketers from some of the world’s most successful brands. Its ultimate aim is to support the international community with a first-of-its-kind roadmap for driving business growth through marketing.

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Industry Insights

Don't Be Ageist: Marketing to People 50 and Older

by Michael Clinton, 20 hours ago

Over the past several years, marketers, brands, creative teams, and media agencies have done a meaningful job of focusing on the importance of diversity in the representation of images and strategies in their advertising and communications efforts. Making sure that the BIPOC community, as well as people in the LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities groups are presented in authentic ways has been an important evolution that reflects a world of inclusiveness.

Industry Insights

Super Bowl Ads Shouldn't Cost Us Our Planet

by Ryan Cochrane, 1 day ago

Did you know a 30-second spot at this year’s Super Bowl will cost advertisers over $7 million? It would be surprising if you hadn’t. It’s an ever-increasing figure that gets rolled out every time Super Bowl Sunday comes into view – usually accompanied by incessant chatter and collective head scratching in the press about whether it’s worth brands paying such an eye-watering number for their golden ticket to the Big Game.

Champions of Growth

Why Does Ageism Persist in Advertising?

1 day ago

Despite dramatic and accelerating changes in aging and the rise of the so-called “Silver Economy,” brands seem stuck in time when it comes to engaging the 50-plus crowd. Michael Clinton joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss why ageism persists in marketing and advertising and what brand managers can do about it.

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Bringing marketers together to learn from each other and debate new approaches and solutions to industry hurdles.

A benefit of ANA membership, committee meetings feature a mix of member case studies, perspective from outside experts, and benchmarking/best-practice sharing that drive thought leadership on key industry issues. Each ANA committee meets three to four times per year and can be attended in person or remotely. Depending on the committee, 10 to 30 participants may attend — big enough for diversity of opinion, yet small enough for more intimate exchanges.

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