ANA Trainers


James Fink

CEO/Managing Partner, Optikal

James began his career in sales, within the media industry. He has successfully closed several deals and his achievements quickly moved him from sales into management. He's managed divisions for top-rated radio stations in Los Angeles, for CBS and for Univision. Later, at Univision, James was promoted to Director of Sports and oversaw broadcast negotiations with several NFL, MLB, and college sports teams. Eventually, he found himself in the role of CMO for a Direct Response ad agency, focused on driving ROI for ad campaigns on radio and TV. Having combined experiences in various marketing roles, James was dissatisfied with the idea of wasted ad space and scattered targeting. He wanted to find a way to center ads on the individual and better ensure success for brands, both on a sale/ROI level and a brand awareness level. James wanted to change the mindset of how companies reach their core consumers and high-level potential prospects. His solution is Optikal, an omnichannel marketing agency, powered by integrated technology, data analytics, and optimizing media strategies based on data-driven results. James and his team are redefining omnichannel marketing to make advertising more precise and to deliver better results.