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Becky Thomas

Becky A. Thomas, PCC, CPCC, is a Next Generation Coach and President of Be Greater Consulting, a firm that focuses on helping millennials and gen Xers thrive in today's cross-generational work environment. She has a corporate background in branding, marketing and strategy, an M.B.A. from DePaul University, and more than 15 years of branding experience with fortune 500 companies and nonprofits such as Jimmy Dean, Sara Lee, GUM brand, the Chicago Tribune and the National Restaurant Association.

Having navigated the politics and the complexities of managing up, down, and cross-functionally, she brings her marketing and international experience to provide insights and a unique relevant perspective to her coaching. Through her experience of managing the P&L and having the responsibility for marketing strategies and driving profits, she understands what corporations need to get the job done.

Becky is also finishing her first book dedicated to emerging leaders and teaches Executive Coaching at DePaul University where she is an adjunct professor and the Chair of the Mentors Program at the Coleman Center for Entrepreneurship.