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Jeraul Mackey


Founder and Principal
Jeraul Mackey Training and Development

Jeraul Mackey launched Jeraul Mackey Training and Development in 2013 to help creative organizations implement equity-centered processes that serve the needs of all staff. Through workshops, trainings, and keynotes on bias, racial equity, and inclusive organizational practices, Jeraul has trained thousands. He has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Harvard Gazette, Boston Globe, and American Education Research Association.

Jeraul is a member of Improv Boston’s National Touring Company. He is currently completing a doctorate at Harvard University. Leveraging his experience as a scholar and comedian, Jeraul uses a mix of humor, cutting-edge research, and expert facilitation to transform intention into actionable solutions that stick. In addition, Jeraul is a certified DiSC trainer and coach to individuals who want to work on communication or equity skills. A New Orleans native, he graduated from the University of New Orleans in English and holds a M.Ed. from Harvard University.