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Jana Mueller

Barkley Senior Sustainability Strategist

As a partner at Barkley, Jana is on a mission to build a world with more whole brands, brands that put purpose and sustainability at the center of everything they do.

Jana Mueller is a Sustainability Strategist with Barkley’s Purpose and Sustainability Team. She carries a unique combination of professional expertise in managing cross-functional projects and complex budgets with diverse local, regional, national and international environmental, sustainability and energy stakeholders, including corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Jana holds an M.A. in geography and was awarded a three-year research grant at the Max Planck Society, Germany's premier non-university research organization. Her work was published in high-impact academic journals and in the IPCC Report on Global Warming.

Barkley is a certified B-Corp that believes that business should be a force for good.


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