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  • Nonprofits Are Jumping on the AI Bandwagon

    Social Impact   April 29, 2024  

    A majority of nonprofits say they now use some type of AI, but they seek more dialogue and understanding about the burgeoning technology's limitations.

  • Steering a Unique Message at Toyota

    Social Impact   April 8, 2024  

    Mike Tripp, group VP of Toyota Marketing at Toyota Motor North America, says it's a challenge to educate consumers on the various types of cars that are designed to reduce carbon emissions and to tell a compelling story to discerning buyers.

  • Don't Count Out Direct Mail Just Yet

    Social Impact   March 25, 2024  

    For many years, observers have predicted the demise of direct mail for reaching and cultivating nonprofit donors. But, according to many nonprofits and other fundraising experts, direct mail has survived — and even maintained its central role in fundraising campaigns.

  • Leading By Example

    Social Impact   January 22, 2024  

    ANA Nonprofit Federation award winners Amy Bobrick of ABD Direct and Tracey Burgoon of DAV took different paths to success but they are equally committed to seeing the sector grow.

  • Aspen's Green Warrior

    Social Impact   December 11, 2023  

    Protecting winters and altering the course of global climate change is a big job, and one that's rife with challenges. But Auden Schendler, SVP at Aspen One, is not one to back down.

  • Functional Apparel with a Soul

    Social Impact   October 30, 2023  

    Launched in 2014 by founder Robert Felder, Bearbottom Clothing has made a name for itself not only for its high-quality shorts and pants but for caring for the people and communities that help produce its apparel line.

  • Religious Nonprofits Adapt to Changing Times

    Social Impact   October 9, 2023  

    As religious charitable organizations deal with a decline in giving levels, rising costs, and other challenges, they are diversifying their income streams, expanding into digital channels, and focusing on different donors to continue their vital services.

  • Cyclists Put Cities on Notice

    Social Impact   September 18, 2023  

    Through its City Ratings program, the nonprofit PeopleForBikes seeks to make biking safer and more accessible to people across the U.S.

  • Reenergizing the Arthritis Community

    Social Impact   August 14, 2023  

    After the country emerged from a devastating pandemic, the Arthritis Foundation's defining "We Journey Together" campaign needed a jump start. That opportunity presented itself in 2023, the 75th anniversary of the foundation. Working with the agency Mower, the foundation showed the difference it can make to people living with arthritis — to great effect.

  • How Nonprofits Are Building Loyal Fundraising Teams

    Social Impact   July 31, 2023  

    Retention of fundraising talent is a big problem for many nonprofits, but the situation is far from hopeless. Through everything from career development programs to involving staff more deeply in the organization's mission, some nonprofits are successfully attracting and retaining fundraisers, and creating an organizational culture that motivates them to stay.

  • A New Era for Data Privacy

    Social Impact   July 24, 2023  

    Nonprofit organizations must comply with patchwork state data privacy laws and adapt their fundraising strategies for a privacy-first world. Experts share how to navigate this increasingly complex legal landscape.

  • Just Talking About Sustainability Efforts Leaves Consumers Unimpressed

    Social Impact   June 5, 2023  

    Brands will most likely face a severe backlash — and accusations of greenwashing — unless they can show the public that their sustainability activities are making a tangible difference in protecting the environment. Simply advertising their efforts with aspirational messaging won't cut it with discernible consumers.

  • An Artful Approach to Activism

    Social Impact   May 22, 2023  

    An "artivist" in residence at the purpose agency Grounded World, Savon Bartley documents the human experience as an act of activism. His work in multiple facets is designed to engage, inspire, and change people's hearts.

  • Giving Life to Imaginations

    Social Impact   May 8, 2023  

    The Sing Me a Story organization brings together patients and musicians from around the world to create unique, long-format music videos.

  • Putting DEIB Front and Center

    Social Impact   April 24, 2023  

    Since the murder of George Floyd in 2020, many nonprofit organizations have re-examined their efforts to integrate DEIB into everyday practices. From creating toolkits to improving recruiting and hiring activities to being more accountable, nonprofits are improving the culture of their organizations.

  • A Program That Chipotle Can Really Sink Its Teeth Into

    Social Impact   March 20, 2023  

    When Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt met with some of the founders of The Farmlink Project, which connects farmers to food banks to deliver food to people in need, he didn't have to think too long about starting a partnership with the nonprofit. After helping to get the word out via several marketing vehicles in the past few years, Chipotle has lived its brand mission and continues to provide the nonprofit with invaluable support.

  • Dreaming Fearlessly

    Social Impact   February 27, 2023  

    In December 2022, TIME and American Family Insurance bestowed their first "Dreamer of the Year" award on Donnel Baird, founder and CEO of BlocPower, a national climate technology company focused on "greening" aging urban buildings. The partnership tied nicely to American Family's tagline, "Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly," and was a perfect example of leading with purpose.

  • Inspiring the Differently Abled to Move

    Social Impact   December 5, 2022  

    To foster inclusivity and representation across the fitness industry among people with disabilities, the personal care brand Degree created the #TrainersforHire platform. The B2 Award-winning platform provides fitness brands with a repository of qualified differently abled trainers and educational resources to make fitness centers more accessible.

  • Puppies with a Purpose Scores for New York Islanders

    Social Impact   August 22, 2022  

    The New York Islanders wanted to take its relationship with the Guide Dog Foundation to a higher level, so the National Hockey League team created Puppies with a Purpose. The program, now in its third year, provides funding and training for puppies that are eventually partnered with people who are blind or visually impaired. Throughout the training process the pups get to mingle with fans at games and community-related events, which is crucial for the development of guide dogs.

  • Connecting to Gen Z Purposefully

    Social Impact   June 20, 2022  

    An environmental activist, social entrepreneur, and artist, 22-year-old Maya Penn has already launched a sustainable fashion brand and a related nonprofit organization, among other noteworthy accomplishments. She shares her perspective on how brands can best weave purpose into their business and speak to the concerns of gen Z.


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