Editor's Picks for ANA Magazine

  • Through the Purchase Funnel

    ANA Magazine   July 8, 2016  

    Thanks to new technology and the opportunities it affords brands to reach consumers, marketers are finding more opportunities to deliver messaging all along the path to purchase.

  • Surging Ahead

    ANA Magazine   June 12, 2016  

    How to build a better client-agency relationship through a strong evaluation process; a look at the latest trends and best practices for marketers.

  • Beyond Pink

    ANA Magazine   June 10, 2016  

    Brands are shedding anachronistic portrayals of women and changing how they market to female consumers, but there’s more to be done.

  • Getting the Call

    ANA Magazine   May 12, 2016  

    Verizon’s lead marketer discusses how the telecom company is evolving to meet a new breed of consumer and what the brand change means as part of its daring reinvention.

  • Kidz Theze Dayz

    ANA Magazine   April 14, 2016  

    They may be young, but no generation is as large or as influential as Generation Z. Marketers need to know who they are and how to reach them.

  • Fallout

    ANA Magazine   March 10, 2016  

    Disasters happen. Here’s how to prepare for when nightmare scenarios come true and the steps you should take to ensure your brand can survive.

  • Chaos and Innovation

    ANA Magazine   February 11, 2016  

    Constant change and innovative challengers mean marketers must learn to adapt. Here are three strategies for seizing innovation from the chaos.

  • Making a Difference

    ANA Magazine   January 14, 2016  

    As a consumer-focused approach becomes the norm for many marketers, brands are developing a higher purpose in order to tell their stories and connect with consumers.

  • Sign of the Times

    ANA Magazine   November 12, 2015  

    If someone is on a phone, they’re probably using emojis. Here’s a look, by the numbers.

  • Television’s Holy Grail Moment

    ANA Magazine   November 12, 2015  

    Marketers can now definitively trace offline sales to traditional television advertising. Here’s how.


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