The dearth of talent — arguably a brand’s most important asset — coming from academia, combined with the inadequate training and development many receive, substantially limits brand and business performance.

The ANA has placed its full weight behind inspiring and elevating the quality of talent from the university system and continually developing skills for existing employees.

The Challenge

Attracting new marketing talent is an ongoing challenge, especially when factored against the evolving digital landscape and increasingly diverse and multicultural consumer. Hiring new talent is just the first step, however, as retaining talent means offering tools to allow both the brand and its employees to continue on a path toward growth.

The ANA’s Response

We have leveraged the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF) to launch the industry’s first campaign to “market marketing” and elevate it as a career of choice on campuses while simultaneously “training the world” through a broad portfolio of new and expanded courses, tools, and certification programs.

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