Mobile Marketing Day @ Sprint Nextel Corporation

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The mobile landscape, of course, is exploding:

  • The average daily adult time spent on mobile devices in 2010 was 50 minutes-up from 39 minutes the prior year-and more than magazines and newspapers combined.
  • Smartphones outsold PCs during the last three months of 2010 and now have penetration in nearly a quarter of U.S. households.
  • Tablets such as the iPad are among the hottest new products over the past year.
  • The Coca-Cola Company has publicly stated that mobile is the most important medium for the company going forward.

Mobile Marketing Day, hosted by Sprint Nextel Corporation, will bring together marketers to share their stories on the use of mobile.

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8:15am Continental Breakfast

9:00am General Session

McGuire's Law is a simple observation that has significant implications for businesses. The law states that the value of any product or service increases with its mobility, where the value of mobility is realized as availability and contextual relevance. Mobility enables a product to be with you all the time. This dramatic improvement in the availability of most products results in a multiplication of the value of the product. Because of this dramatic value creation, as the cost of adding mobility falls, mobility will be built into virtually every product and service.

Just as Gordon Moore's simple observation pointed to microprocessors being built into all kinds of products, and Bob Metcalfe's simple observation pointed to the ubiquitous adoption of the Internet, Russ McGuire's simple observation points to the revolutionary integration of mobility that is upon us.

This session will observe the evidence of this mobility revolution and will comment on its implications for businesses.

Russ McGuire
Vice President, Strategy
Sprint Nextel Corporation


Mobile Snack Pack will be a series of short, intensive presentations, with marketers and industry experts sharing experiences and future plans on their use of mobile. Confirmed participants:

Applebee's: Restaurants' use of location-based mobile marketing to promote to and drive consumers to a particular restaurant will explode in the future, predict industry experts. Scott Gulbransen, Director of Social Media & Digital Content, will discuss how Applebee's has begun their mobile journey and the unique challenges along the way - including finding common ground between the needs of the brand and franchisee owners.

Family Dollar Stores: Angela Ridpath, Director of 1:1 Marketing Strategy for Bernstein-Rein will discuss how Family Dollar stores developed and launched their first mobile sweepstakes to build a successful opt-in database. Since its launch, mobile has proven to be a successful media channel in driving frequency, loyalty and retention among Family Dollar shoppers.

H&R Block: H&R Block's first-ever mobile app was introduced last year and refined this year - the free Tax Central App answers popular tax questions, has a tax refund estimator and gives users a convenient way to track the status of their refund. While there has been some success with the app as well as with a mobile web site and a few text messaging programs, the company is still evaluating its overall resource commitment behind a dedicated mobile marketing program. Amy Roberts is the Program Director, Mobile and will discuss.

Hallmark: Mike Adams, Project Manager will share Hallmark's past experiences with mobile-covering the key learnings from Hallmark's mobile greetings product as well as some earlier projects-and how Hallmark is now working to tie the physical brand to the mobile world with new approaches and applications.

As one of the industry's leading global mobile marketing agencies, Phonevalley has worked with numerous mainstream brands and developed hundreds of integrated mobile campaigns and strategies. This deep experience has provided them with a unique perspective of the mobile world, and they will discuss the challenges and opportunities they are seeing for client-side marketers in the medium. The discussion will include insights into questions such as: how do established brands successfully integrate mobile into their overall marketing and communications portfolio? How does a corporation approach mobilizing its messaging and consumer-facing initiatives? Phonevalley, recently honored as the Agency Of The Year in Mobile award by OMMA for the second year in a row, will also share learning from mobile case studies (clients include Bank of America, General Motors, Lancôme, Nestlé, and Puma).

Warren Zenna
Vice President, Mobile Strategy

One of the hottest topics in wireless today is M2M (Machine-to-Machine).  Examples are in areas including connected cars, healthcare, digital signage, asset tracking, security,  point-of-sale, and more. Analysts expect billions of machines to be connected and to transform the way we live, work, and play. In this session, you will learn about the broad scope of M2M, key trends, and implications for advertising in the areas of interactive kiosks, retail displays, and customized digital signage.

Tom Nelson
Group Manager, Partner Programs --Emerging Solutions Group
Sprint Nextel Corporation

It seems everyone wants an app these days, but the question is how and when does it really benefit a brand? Handmark is a leading mobile apps developer with a rich history in creating many of the industry's top downloaded apps including TweetCaster and Pocket Express. Handmark will share some of its key learnings on creating an effective mobile app strategy.

Evan Conway
Executive Vice President, Marketing

3:00pm Adjournment