ANA/BMA Business-to-Business @ Juniper Networks (Members-Only Conference)

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Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

Today its differentiate or die. It's essential to give your customers good reasons to come to you rather than a rival. Your USP should tap into what customers want and it should be clear and obvious - no-one should have to ask what makes your brand different.

Those marketers who are stepping up their marketing game, who are clearly telling their customers who they are and why they should buy from you, are separating themselves from their competition. The marketing tactics you use do not have to be expensive, they do however, have to be innovative.

By attending this Members Only conference will learn practical insights and tactics that other marketers have successfully used to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead of their competition.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016
8:15am Breakfast

9:00am General Session


Matt Hurley
Corporate VP, Global Channels Juniper Networks


Many know Zendesk as the global customer support company. With more than 75,000 paid customer accounts, Zendesk’s products are used by organizations in 150 countries and territories to provide support in more than 40 languages. You may not know that Zendesk’s rapid growth and early success has largely been built around the global SME audience. Zendesk then pivoted to help enterprises create differentiated and better customer service experiences. From Adobe to L’Oreal to Vodafone, Zendesk is continually helping enterprise businesses turn customer experience into a distinct competitive advantage. In fact, Fast Company recently ranked Zendesk as one of the Top 5 innovative companies in Enterprise Software. Today, we’re going to hear from Zendesk executives on the decision to focus on the enterprise - how to grow while still delivering exceptional solutions and services to SMEs, what needed (and still needs) to be done from a marketing perspective and other key takeaways from their journey to the enterprise.

Julie Knight-Ludvigson
Vice President, Global Enterprise Marketing Zendesk
Katherine Kelly
Director of Product Marketing Zendesk
Ted Kohnen
Managing Director Stein IAS San Francisco / President, BMA Northern California
10:50am Coffee Break

11:10am General Session Cont.


Powered by its “No Excuses” philosophy, Coyote is known for its mission to change the transportation and logistics industry’s expectation of service, a mission fueled by Coyote’s award-winning culture. Chief Marketing Officer Jodi Navta leads the team that leverages powerful storytelling, videos, and imagery to foster internal community, encourage collaboration and teamwork, and drive home the core values—among them, “Live up to every promise,” “Share in each other’s successes,” and “Have fun”—that shape Coyote’s culture, people, and service every day.

Jodi Navta
Chief Marketing Officer Coyote


Join the president of STIR Advertising & Integrated Messaging, Brian Bennett, as he illuminates a unique story of B2B growth and the impact that can be made with a modest budget, a strong vision, the right marketing and a good partner.

Follow the transformation of Foran Spice Company, a Wisconsin-based B2B spice and seasoning company, from a small and traditional ingredient supplier to Asenzya, Inc. - a creative force and thought leader in its culinary category.

Foran and STIR worked collaboratively to:

  • Develop brand positioning
  • Create a new name and logo
  • Launch a new web site 
  • Create an inbound marketing campaign
  • Develop advertising, PR and social marketing extensions

Brian will discuss the immediate and sustained success of the new brand launch and above campaign components, ongoing efforts with the brand, featuring a special virtual appearance from Chris Anderson, the vice president of business development and marketing at Asenzya.


Brian Bennett
President STIR LLC
12:50pm Luncheon

1:50pm General Session Cont.


The venerable greeting card has been doing the same job for over 100 years: connecting people and building relationships. Rather than losing their relevance, cards are still going strong and creating innovation in unexplored and unexpected places. Using a case study, Hallmark Business Connections’ CMO Heather Teskey will take you from hypothesis to strategy to the rollout of a successful new business model. You’ll get actionable next steps for: 

- Shifting paradigms: re-discovering your very best
- Test pilots: focusing on needs through design thinking and customer-led innovation
- Taking strategy from head to heart: Generating buy-in and alignment through emotional storytelling

Heather Teskey
Chief Marketing Officer Hallmark Business Connections


B2B Marketers have long questioned their relevance, importance, and ability to be seen as business growth drivers by senior leadership.  To determine why this is the case, ANA has undertaken the next phase of B2B research; to uncover how B2B Marketers can become catalysts for company growth and why so many B2B marketers still struggle to be viewed by their leadership as vital, strategic assets. Our study revealed an important fact – marketers feel they lack the measurement tools needed to rise above being considered an extension of the Sales Department.

Michelle M. Smith, VP of marketing at O.C. Tanner, will present the findings of our most recent study outlining the steps marketers can take to become growth drivers.  She will also share other significant and compelling insights including the fact that marketers need only take a few simple steps to move from irrelevant to being perceived as critically important business growth drivers!  You will want to hear both the survey results and how you can immediately put the suggested findings to work within your company to begin the transformation.

Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP
Vice President, Marketing O.C. Tanner
3:35pm Conference Adjournment