ANA Business Marketing Members-Only Event in Los Angeles

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2:00PM-2:30PM Check-in and Coffee Mixer

2:30PM-6:00PM Program

6:00PM-7:00PM Speakers and Registered Attendees Reception


SESSION #1A - Virtual Reality for Business-to-Business: Reclaiming a Captive Audience in a World of Distractions.

Companies are recognizing that virtual reality (VR) is not only a great way to get noticed at events and in the press — but that it’s a real tool for helping build deeper, richer, relationships with customers. According to YouVisit’s Virtual Reality Brand Power Index, 75% of Forbes Most Valuable Brands, such as IBM, GE, SAP, HP, UPS, Siemens, and Caterpillar, have used VR in their businesses.

In this session, Matthias McCoy-Thompson will provide an overview on:

  • The framework for identifying good virtual reality use cases
  • Case studies of effective VR Marketing campaigns
  • A roadmap for the next 3-5 years of virtual reality innovation

VR represents the beginning of a paradigm shift from 2D screens to 3D immersive computing environments that can be used for everything from manufacturing design to employee training. By participating in this session's collaborative discussion, you will:

  • Gain insight into the power and potential of this new technology
  • Understand exactly what VR can be good for, or isn't
  • Learn the next steps for integrating virtual reality into your business

Marketing is rapidly entering the virtual era. So while VR may be emerging as the hottest new marketing tool for brands that want to build stronger relationships with their customers, this technology is much more than simply another new shiny object. Now is your opportunity to understand how to best leverage virtual reality technology for your business — before the competition does.

Matthias McCoy-Thompson
Chief Operating Officer - Agora VR
Community Events Lead - UploadVR

SESSION #1B - AdColony: A Brand Story Of Immersive Proportions

You will experience firsthand the immersive program, a virtual reality (VR) demo. (That's right. You get to put on the goggles.) It is the result of a work between Kluge Interactive and the marketing team at AdColony. Second only to Google, AdColony is one of the largest global mobile advertising networks, with its software development kit (SDK or devkit) installed in the majority of the world’s top mobile applications.

Kluge's CEO, Arturo Perez, will share the story of how their partner became the leading brand name within a 13 ad conglomerate; the challenges to becoming a bigger company and brand, then having to appeal to additional stakeholders; and, how working closely with Kluge for guidance, creative direction, and development of the VR project, AdColony is turning the narrative around to its favor. Understanding this story will help you gain insight into the value of implementing virtual reality into your branding and sales initiatives; how to overcome implementation challenges by finding internal advocates and intrapreneurs; and, strategies to charging ahead of your competitors, utilizing VR as a key differentiator to your story.

Arturo Perez
Founder and CEO
Kluge Interactive


SESSION #2 - The Hero’s Journey: It's Your Customer's Story Not Yours.

According to SAP Hybris' The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce, Forrester has identified three prime influences that have forced a change in behavior among business-to-business buyers.

  • The Amazon-style business-to-consumer experience, with its “real-time interaction, extensive price/inventory transparency, and robust guided selling.”
  • An internal and external channel conflict. “Many distributors are now becoming de facto manufacturers by selling via private label, and many manufacturers are becoming de facto distributors by selling direct to customers. This reordering of the players in many industries has caused channel complexity regarding pricing and assortments that many business-to-business companies are ill prepared to handle.”
  • The marketplace is becoming far more crowded, with startups and pop-ups competing against established businesses, and a greater degree of expansion of existing suppliers, such as Staples, into niche markets such as medical devices.

In Ken Rutsky’s highly interactive and compelling discussion, The Hero’s Journey: It’s your Customer’s Story Not Yours, Ken will share how business-to-business market leaders move buyers into action; harnessing human nature by adopting the same storytelling technique as our neighbors here in Hollywood: The Hero's Journey.

By making your customer the Hero, putting your business in a supporting yet magical role, your company gets noticed, transforms the market context, creates the high test fuel you need, making your solution bubble to the top of the strategic buying list. Throughout this discussion, Ken will spotlight three mindset shifts that companies need to make in response to these changes to truly transform your approach — and lead your market.

  • Obsessing less about being found, and more about being noticed
  • Admitting that ROI is table stakes, but embracing Return on Strategy as critical
  • Focusing as much on the fuel you feed the marketing machine, as on the automation and technology running it

So put away the budgets and the program and technology road-maps, for a bit. Attend this session, and start your company’s magical journey to market leadership.

Ken Rutsky
Author of "Launching to Leading”
President and Principal Consultant
KJR Associates, Inc.

SESSION #3 - Leading With A Purposeful Mindset: Creating Innovative Climates at Your Organization with E.A.S.E.

A 2016 Accenture survey of executives and managers within 500 U.S. companies revealed that:

  • 72% of companies miss opportunities to capitalize on underdeveloped areas or markets
  • 67% of companies are risk averse
  • 60% of organizations don’t learn from past mistakes

Leaders of established organizations are recognizing that they can no longer afford to miss out on important growth opportunities. Therefore, the drive towards innovation is now stronger than ever as business leaders look to enhance their corporate culture (and underlying actions) aligned to how the brain responds, creates, and innovates — “brain-friendly” corporate climates.

In this session, Armin Pajand will discuss:

  • How climates of innovation relate to the actions, channels and tools to support new idea development within an organization
  • When a climate of innovation can be correctly sighted
  • What it takes to have a culture of innovation in place

By participating with Armin Pajand's captivating discussion, you will understand what it takes for progressive leaders to impact the innovative capacity of their organizations -- through Empathy, Association, Synergy, and Engagement (EASE).

Armin Pajand
Executive Development
Farmers Insurance Group, Inc.

Reception Post-Event.

Please join us after our business session for an evening of networking and connecting with your peers.