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Advertising Outlook — Perspective From Wall Street

Alexia Quadrani, Managing Director, JPMorgan discussed the state of the economy and what the future holds.

Competing with 'The Big Guys' - How to Maximize Value and Impact Despite Limited Marketing Spend

Brad Casper, President and CEO, The Dial Corporation, shared three case studies detailing Dial�s ability to keep pace with their higher spending competitors.

Creating the Agency-Marketer Relationship of the Future

Steven Goldbach, Global Account Manager, Monitor Group discussed what an integrated marketing model looks like and areas marketers and agencies need to address in order to build the agency-marketing system of the future.

P&G's BAL Model: Creating an Integrated Agency Team

Representatives from P&G discussed P&G's updated agency compensation model called Brand Agency Leader (BAL).

Seismic Shifts in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dorothy Wetzel, Co-Founding Partner, Extrovertic facilitated an open discussion exploring how marketers are handling several shifts in the industry.

The Brand is Falling!

James R. Gregory, CEO, CoreBrand, discussed how advertising agencies and brand marketers are being impacted by economic conditions.

The Intersection of Accountability and Creativity

Vice President of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev Keith Levy discussed why the new company is working well and shared the accountability metrics-many imported from InBev-used to maximize the effectiveness of marketing and advertising investments.

The Noughties

Moray MacLennon, CEO Worldwide, M&C Saatchi, and, President, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (UK), shared the results of a survey recently conducted by M&C Saatchi, which broke consumers into eight groups based on their responses to the ongoing recession.

Trends in Digital Agency Compensation

Industry experts discussed a number of issues surrounding trends in digital agency compensation including agency engagement and the changing digital landscape.

Production Deals in the Age of Digital Integration

In the integrated marketing climate, a campaign may include many components, such as :30 second TV spots, promotions, branded entertainment, viral videos and interactive content all driving home a unified message. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers launched new business tools, including a set of agreements, in order to give content producers, lawyers and the marketers who hire them a way to navigate their complex relationships.

Budgeting in Challenging Times: Increasing the Return on Research Efforts

Matthew McCance from the Market Research Executive Board discussed the current state of research budgets in this economic downturn.

How Top Brands Build Shareholder Value

Representatives from P&G and Millward Brown discussed the results of a recent survey conducted by P&G and Millward Brown that analyzed the top 25 best brands in the world and their defining characteristics.

Marketing in a Recession: Consumers are Talking; Are We Listening?

Janet Eden-Harris, VP, Web Intelligence Research Division, JD Power & Associates, discussed how social media can be utilized by marketers to more effectively listen to and address their consumers' needs.

Your Consumers Are Talking, but Are You Listening?

Jim Reitz, VP, new business development, OpinionLab, discussed the importance of listening to consumer comments constantly, so that brands are able to identify problems before news of them becomes viral.

IBM and Ogilvy: Marketing Analytics and Impact

Ed Abrams from IBM and Harvey Kipnis from OgilvyOne presented a list of seven steps marketers can take to become more accountable and discussed a case study on how they used analytics to drive growth in IBM's mid-market advertising.

Impact of Social Media on Event Marketing, Exhibit, and Sponsorship Marketing

Eduardo Braniff at Imagination USA talked about how events can be used as a social media platform and presented a case study on Ford.

ROI and Conversation—Separated or Joined at the Hip?

Joseph Jaffe, President and Chief Interrupter at Crayon, discussed how conversations using social media require different marketing metrics than traditional media campaigns.

Digitally Centric Performance Marketing

John Nardone, Chairman and CEO, [x+ 1], discussed new targeting and personalization tools being used to increase the efficiency of direct mail.

Marketing through Tough Times

Don Sexton focuses on the things organizations can do during tough times to make their marketing efforts successful.

Behavioral Advertising — Balancing Opportunities with Privacy Concerns

Peter Cassat of Dow Lohnes PLLC discussed the FTC's 2009 Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising report and reviewed attempts by lawyers and regulatory agencies to balance the interests of advertisers with the privacy rights of consumers.

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