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New Approaches for Connecting with the Consumer at Procter & Gamble

Roger Fishman discusses the work being done to help Procter & Gamble engage consumers through content development and social networking through online communities. He also discusses how this initiative has increased their understanding of the digital space, and how they as marketers can become more relevant in the lives of their consumers.

P&G Productions: A History of Programming/Marketing Innovation

This presentation examines the following: What is P&G Productions?, P&G Productions evolution and value, and Power of engaging/ connecting with the consumer through innovation.

Advertising Production Tax Incentives & Rebates

APR discusses the basics of incentive programs and provided guidelines for working with agencies to determine whether these programs may be right for you.

Global Marketing Print Pre-Press Production Decoupling

During this presentation, Renee Reeves, Global Marketing Procurement Manager, HP shares the status of the global print pre-press production effort at HP. Topics included the objectives, strategic process, tactics, regional perspective, and results.

Intuitive Retail

Senior Vice President of Upshot Lionel Knight defines intuitive retail and presents the five building blocks of the principle. He also discusses how companies can go about creating spaces that are conducive to intuitive retail.

Innovation: How to Find the Next New Thing

Prophet's Senior Partner, Mike Leiser presents the results of a recent Innovation Study. He shares insights into how to acquire, analyze and build innovation internally. Specifically, demonstrates how to embark on the initial data analysis to get to innovative ideas and share how senior marketers, innovators and strategists should be defining and using innovation throughout their company.

Yellow Pages Industry Update - April 2008

Janice Lucente of Allstate describes the general state of the Yellow Pages industry.

GE Growth: "A Customer Centric Approach"

Chief Segmentation Leader at General Electric Jacqueline Woods talks about how GE has realigned their goals.

Socializing Media Marketing: Utilizing Web 2.0

Raphael Viton of Maddock Douglas and Jason Weaver of Sway share the benefits and practical applications of social media and discuss how to develop a social media campaign that can work within an existing marketing plan.

Collaborating To Communicate

ANA Faculty and President of MagicEcho Richard Costello discusses ways to gain internal support among all parties responsible for the different elements of a brand. Richard also talks about what he defines as the "Integrated Implementation Roadmap."

Four Lessons from the Digital Frontier For Business Marketers

Regional Director, B-to-B and Technology Advertising, at Google, Inc. Rob Goulding, discusses four best practices derived from extensive work done with B-to-B marketers to make their campaigns more effective and measurable.

The Evolution of B-To-B Email

Panelists address the role of email -one of the most commonly used communications platforms for business-to-business marketers - as part of the holistic communications mix.

The Future of Television Advertising

ANA Senior Director Linda Narbey reviews the findings from the fourth ANA/Forrester Research survey of advertisers which examined attitudes towards television advertising and the future impact new technologies will have on television advertising budgets.

The PMA - Navigating the Possibilities of Integrated Marketing

The President of PMA Bonnie Carlson defines intergrated marketing discusses some views and approaches to developing successful integrated marketing strategies.

Applying Design Thinking to Business Growth Strategies

Director, Consumer Experience Design practice of IDEO Ryan Jacoby discusses steps to take when applying design thinking to business growth.

Lessons for Getting Internal Stakeholders to Embrace and Live the Brand Vision

The Chief Marketing Officer of TJX John Gilber explores how internal audiences are best engaged.

The Challenges of Integrated Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer of Siemens Corporation Thomas F. Haas describes challenges faced at Siemens and provides examples on how a integrated marketing program consisting of was used to face these obstacles.

Compensation Model Discussion

Paul Smith, Senior Commercial Manager at Masterfoods, led a discussion about agency compensation models that touched on current and historical industry practices, new methods of compensation being adopted, case histories, and more.

The Seven Elements of Successful Negotiations

The S.A.B. Group's Francesca Kaplan talks about the importance of negotiation and how it can be used to carryout tasks including, increasing profits and sales, and neutralizing difficult situations.

Fostering Advanced Integration

G2 Direct + Digital discusses their approach to integration, issues and challenges, and solutions that have lead to the development of award-winning work for Adobe Systems.

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