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American Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation

Written by contributors from the advertising agency, Barkley, this Insight Brief looks at the habits, interests, and attitudes of the Millennial generation (ages 16 to 34) and explores how marketers might best connect with this lucrative demographic.

Marketing Procurement: An Evolving Role

Containing case studies from ANA member companies, Kraft, Walmart, and WellPoint, this ANA Insight Brief explores how procurement, marketing, and agencies can all work better together. ANA survey data is also shared in this top-line compilation of resources on the procurement function.

Marketing Financial Management and Procurement: Challenges and Best Practices

This Insight Brief looks at ways to improve the marketing-finance connection and how to achieve advertising excellence through procurement. ANA survey results are shared, as well as a case study from Kraft.

Integrated Marketing: Barriers and Opportunities

This compilation of resources on integrated marketing contains information culled from recent ANA surveys and member case studies, including Welch’s, Bolthouse Farms, Kraft, and American Family Insurance. The challenges facing integrated marketing and best practices for overcoming them are also shared.

Mastering Your 118: The Importance of the Elevator Pitch

Written by former CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, this ANA Insight Brief can help marketers create an elevator pitch in five easy steps.

Direct Marketing: Creating a Call to Action

This ANA Insight Brief looks at how marketers can integrate direct marketing tactics with other types of media to obtain successful results. Case studies from ANA member companies, Vistaprint and Combined Insurance, are also shared.

Generational Trends: How Are Different Demographics Using Technology?

Featuring case studies from ANA member companies, Hillshire Farm and American Express, and data from ANA Knowledge Partners, eMarketer and Brightline, this Insight Brief looks at how different age groups are using technology today.

Sponsorship Marketing Measurement: No Longer a Myth

Containing data from ANA members, TD Bank and AB-InBev, this Insight Brief looks at how marketers can be more accountable when it comes to sponsorship measurement and ROI. ANA survey results are also shared in this helpful compilation of resources.

Public Relations: An Underused Channel

Featuring examples from ANA member companies, Kodak and Adobe, this Insight Brief looks at how marketers can use public relations (PR) to optimize their marketing plans. Global and national data on the compensation of PR agencies and PR sourcing are also shared.

Experiential Marketing: Helping Brands Come to Life

This ANA Insight Brief looks at how experiential marketing can enhance integrated marketing plans and includes case studies from ANA members, Target, Ford, and P&G.

Self-Regulation: Why It Matters

This timely ANA Insight Brief looks at the importance of self-regulation to the advertising industry and the recent efforts that have been made towards improving self-regulation, especially in the area of online behavioral advertising.

Direct Marketing: Best Practices to Increase ROI

This Insight Brief from direct marketing expert Scott Hornstein takes a look at how marketers can use their databases more strategically, why it’s important to keep personal data on customers current, and how to use consumer insights to more successfully inform your next direct marketing campaign.

Marketing to Affluent America: The Lifestyle, Media, and Buying Habits of Affluent Americans

Written by Robert R. Shullman and Stephen Kraus of Ipsos Mendelsohn, this ANA Insight Briefs looks at new data from the 2011 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, including the media consumption, shopping habits, and new technology usage of affluent Americans.

Production Management: Entering the Digital Era

This ANA Insight Brief contains data on production automation, digital production, and best practices for working with directors and talent. ANA member case studies from Microsoft, Intel, and Target are also shared.

Business-to-Business Marketing: Adapting to the New World

This collection of ANA resources on B-to-B marketing includes case studies from Custom House, Sun Microsystems, and Thomson Reuters, as well as data on how marketers can help convert B-to-B prospects into clients via the web.

Selecting a New Agency

The final Insight Brief in a series written by Brian Goodall, General Manager, R3:JLB, Selecting a New Agency looks at how marketers can narrow down their top candidates and find the agency that is right for them, including how to evaluate agency presentations and create agency challenges. A supplemental toolkit contains additional data, as well as forms that marketers can use and personalize for their own agency searches immediately.

Print Advertising: Tough Times Ahead

This compilation of ANA resources contains information on the future of print advertising and new metrics for measuring the medium, along with case studies from ANA member companies BMW MINI, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever.

Marketing Accountability: Earning a Seat at the Table

Containing data from ANA members such as Intel, CCP Games, and AB-InBev, this ANA Insight Brief touches on a variety of marketing accountability topics, including digital media metrics, how marketers can work better with finance, and improving marketing measurement.

Organizing For an Agency Search

Written by Brian Goodall of R3:JLB, this ANA Insight Brief looks at how marketers should prepare for an agency search. The second of three Insight Briefs on the search process, Goodall discusses the steps marketers need to take before beginning an agency search, including establishing the search team, finalizing the scope of work, and establishing the search timetable.

Building an Agency Performance Management Program

Industry experts from Decideware shared best practices (such as utilizing 360° evaluations, incentive compensation, and relationship scorecards) for building an agency performance management program in this ANA Insight Brief.

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