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Getting the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Mark Wilson, vice president of corporate marketing at Sybase, Inc., discussed how frugal marketers can help their organizations be in a stronger position to capitalize on a recovering economy. Wilson also discussed how Sybase, Inc. has successfully used provocation-based marketing.

Microsoft's Digital Production Guidelines-Improve Quality for Less Money

Bruno Gralpois and Marybeth Turk from Microsoft, along with Jillian Gibbs and Cherie Martin Irwin from APR, outlined principles and processes of Microsoft's Digital Production Guidelines, which focus on improving quality for less money.

IBM: Creating a Demand Acceleration System

Eric Andrews, VP, demand programs, strategy & management systems, IBM, discussed IBM's new demand acceleration system.

Optimizing Communications Strategy and Effectiveness

Ann Green, SVP, marketing solutions, Millward Brown, discussed how multimedia channel planning can help marketers ensure that consumers have balanced, positive associations with brands. A Nokia case study was also shared.

Procuring the Best Agreement

A panel of industry experts discussed several issues regarding procurement including the debate over ownership of creative, auditing, worldwide indemnity, and termination.

Results May Not Be Typical: Endorsements, Testimonials, and the New FTC Guidelines

Josephine Belli, associate general counsel and litigation counsel, Combe Incorporated, and Rick Kurnit, partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC, discussed the new FTC guidelines for endorsements and testimonials.

Challenging Agencies to Reduce Expenses

ANA members discussed specific areas where agencies are being challenged to reduce internal expenses and/or identify cost reductions.

Maximizing the Value of Your Agency Audits

Bob Siegal, director, management advisory services at Prager and Fenton, shared tips on how the most effective agency audits focus on marketing risk management and include a hard look at practices and processes at both client and agencies.

Procurement and Marketing Agency Relationships/The Compensation Environment

Ark Advisors has done extensive work to gain insight into agency attitudes towards marketing communications procurement, including a survey of 50 agencies. Russel Wohlwerth, principal at Ark Advisors, provided perspective on the current environment for agency compensation.

The FCC in a Digital Age

Robert Corn-Revere, partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, discussed issues currently facing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How Shoppers Shop

Matt Egol, partner at Booz & Company, and Aliza Freud, CEO of SheSpeaks, discussed recent research on shopper behavior and shared a case study from Heinz demonstrating how a brand engaged consumers to turn insights into advocacy via digital shopper marketing.

Shopping—Now and in the Future

Jim Holbrook, CEO of EMAK Worldwide, discussed current consumer/shopper insights and reviewed shopper marketing practices. He also presented a case study on BJ's baby care products.

The FDA and Advertising

Joshua M. Sharfstein, principal deputy commissioner, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), shared his thoughts on how advertisers can work together with the FDA to improve public health.

Marketing Accountability Starts with Media Buying

Manish Bhatt, vice president, MetLife, Jeff Milgroom, general manager, Nielsen, and Scott Simony, account executive, Google, discussed how direct marketing principles can be applied to TV advertising.

You Can Measure Success: Implementing an Accountability Framework

Dimitri Maex, the managing director of Ogilvy Consulting, and head of the global data practice, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, discussed four steps marketers can take to better mine the plethora of data available to them.

A New Threat to Advertising

James H. Davidson, shareholder and chair, public policy group, Polsinelli Shughart PC, discussed how the FTC's proposal to limit food advertising to children may affect advertising.

ANA Advertising Law and Public Policy Conference Keynote Address

Douglas F. Gansler, Attorney General, State of Maryland, gave a brief overview of the role of a state Attorney General as it pertains to marketing.

How Shoppers Are Coping with the Changing Economy

Sheila Lukaszewski, Kraft director of shopper insights, shared how the brand is making strategic shopping fun at a time when consumers are focused on being resourceful and finding value.

The Playing Field for Sports Marketing

Christopher Traeger, senior vice president, marketing programs manager, Bank of America, Joseph Pierce, associate general counsel, global marketing and sponsorships, Bank of America, and Jim Dudukovich, marketing counsel, Coca-Cola North America, shared ten tips for brokering sports marketing agreements, as well as the top five issues facing sports marketing today.

Where Social Media and Shopper Marketing Merge

Danielle Bottari, SVP at Mediavest, outlined how her agency is advising clients to get ahead of social media trends in shopper marketing.

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