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Transparency, Authenticity, and Responsiveness Are Keys to Success in Social Media

Danielle Wolfson, senior associate manager, interactive brand communications at Taco Bell, Inc., discussed how the brand is using social media to turn fans and followers into loyal brand evangelists and advocates.

Navigating the New Normal: How Kraft Is Evolving Messaging Distribution in Today's Video Marketplace

Mark Stewart, vice president, global media services at Kraft, discussed how the brand is using aggregated narrow-casting as a bridge between broadcasting and addressable media.

The Future of Television and Video Advertising

David Cooperstein, vice president, research director at Forrester Research, discussed the results of an ANA/Forrester survey on marketers' attitudes towards television and video advertising.

The Path to Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings

Bob Liodice, ANA CEO and president, and Terrie Brennan, Nielsen's senior vice president, new business development, addressed a test related to brand-specific commercial ratings and opportunities in this area for the industry.

Content Drives Advertising ROI

Pat Gentile, general manager, Procter & Gamble productions, The Procter & Gamble Company and co-chair, Alliance for Family Entertainment, discussed how marketers can gain greater advertising ROI and significantly increase the impact of their advertising by maximizing the value of appropriate content.

Multi-Screen Case Study: Ford Motor Company and Microsoft Advertising

Brian Bos, senior vice president, team Detroit, Mindshare, and Jeff Plaisted, national sales manager, Microsoft Mobile Advertising, shared how Ford, in conjunction with Mindshare and Microsoft, has created a multi-screen consumer experience, that is geared toward driving people to Ford's mobile site and apps.

Subway's Fresh Take on Branded Message Integration

Tony Pace, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, discussed how Subway is using branded message integration to better connect with consumers.

Haagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees

Diane McIntyre, Senior Public Relations Manager, Haagen-Dazs, and Laura Janness, Brand Strategist, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, discussed how Haagen-Dazs took up a highly relevant cause-the mystery of the disappearing honey bees, the tiny pollinators that Haagen-Dazs depends on for nearly half of their ingredients-after experiencing declining sales and increasing competition in their category.

NBC Universal: Driving ROI through Customer Purchase Behavior Insights

Dr. Janet Gallent, vice president, consumer insights and innovation research, NBC Universal, Inc., shared insights from NBC Universal's recent consumer segmentation survey.

Telemundo: Discovering What Latinas Want

Jennifer Getson, vice president of audience research, Telemundo, shared the findings of a study on Latina consumers conducted by Telemundo and Meredith Hispanic Ventures.

What Does It Mean To Be A High-Performing Marketing Leader?

Spencer Stuart's Tom Seclow and Justin Menkes discussed the concept of Executive Intelligence and the skills marketers need to lead in their organizations.

Making Virtual Events Easy and Profitable

John Grosshandler, director of virtual events at Maritz, and Rob Halsey, VP of marketing innovation at SAP, discussed how companies can use virtual events to cut costs and expand the reach of physical events.

The Agency Search Process

Representatives from the 4A's, Anomaly, Deutsch, and Bernstein Rein discussed the issues surrounding client "bad behavior" in the agency search and selection process.

Views of an Industry Analyst

Peter Stabler, an analyst covering the advertising and media sectors for Credit Suisse, provided his perspective on the state of the agency business. Issues covered included the impact of media fragmentation, digital media, analytics, and procurement.

VTech and Meteor Solutions: Social Media Best Practices

VTech, Meteor Solutions, and the Ayzenberg Group presented concrete best practices and actionable strategies for creating social marketing campaigns. They also discussed a case study on VTech's social media campaign and illustrated with real-world examples how the right strategy, content, and tactics can make your next social media campaign a huge success.

Measuring the ROI of Sponsorships: Case Study of the Jack Daniels' Racing Team

Rich Schreuer, SVP, Chadwick Martin Bailey, shared a case study of the Jack Daniels NASCAR sponsorship.

Changes, Challenges, Trends: What's Needed for Success in Sponsorship and Event Marketing Today and in the Future

Recruiters in the area of sponsorship and event marketing participated in a panel discussion about the opportunities available to marketers today.

How to Get More Value from Your Brand Tracking Research

Thomas Gallagher, president of Gallagher-Lee Research, and Steve Sherman, director of market research at Virgin Mobile USA, discussed how Virgin Mobile USA has taken its advertising tracking to a new level to increase the value of its studies, answer ad-hoc marketing questions, and reduce the need for additional custom research.

Trends and Case Studies from the Marketing Trenches

Christopher Hosford, senior reporter at BtoB magazine/, shared insights, evolving trends, and best practices in search and social marketing, direct marketing, and telemarketing. He also presented case studies in these areas.

Cisco's Fully Integrated Journey

Carlos Dominguez, Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Marilyn Mersereau, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Cisco Systems, Inc., discussed Cisco's use of new video technologies.

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