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IBM: Approaches to Developing and Capturing Markets

Jon C. Iwata, senior vice president, marketing and communications, IBM Corporation, discussed how IBM changed gears by focusing on relevance.

It's a New Day for Weight Watchers

Cheryl Callan, SVP of Marketing, of Weight Watchers International and Nick Brien, Chairman & CEO, of McCann Worldgroup discuss how to engage with your customers in an authentic and meaningful way.

Kimberly-Clark: Putting the Big "M" in Marketing

Tony Palmer, SVP & CMO, of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation talks about the importance of having a clear vision of where you are going from the start.

Kraft Foods: Leap! Why It’s Time for Your Company to Make Big Moves

Kraft Food's Dana Anderson discusses key ways to help your company "leap" forward and why it's evolving into a business necessity.

Marketing to the New Majority: Strategies for a Diverse World

David Burgos, VP, multicultural practice, Millward Brown, and Ola Mobolade, managing director, Firefly Millward Brown and co-author of Marketing to the New Majority, discussed the changed marketplace revealed in the new 2010 Census data and showed how marketers can develop integrated campaigns that effectively reach these culturally diverse consumer populations.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Ad Production Dollars

Jillian Gibbs, CEO and Founder, APR, discussed ways to boost the efficiency of marketing investments for ad production without sacrificing the quality of the creative.

The Power of the LGBT Market

Matt Tumminello, president, Target 10, discussed key insights into the LGBT market and how marketers have leveraged these insights effectively.

Multicultural Women as the Shape Shifters of America

Melissa Lavigne-Delville, vice president strategic insights, integrated media, NBCUniversal, discussed a 2011 study about multicultural women.

The Psychology of Sharing

Brian Brett, consumer insights managing director, The New York Times, discussed a recent study that reveals new insights into consumer sharing behavior.

Agency Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Bruno Gralpois, head of global marketing operations, Visa Inc., discussed how performance evaluations can be used to drive real, sustainable performance from your agencies.

Coca-Cola: Finding the Edge

Wendy Clark, senior vice president, integrated marketing communications and capabilities, The Coca-Cola Company, discussed how Coca-Cola is using mobile to spread stories about their brand.

Comcast Drives Impact and Acquisitions with Mobile Marketing

Pepper W. White, media director, central division, Comcast Cable, and Amanda Richman, president of digital, MediaVest USA, discussed best practices for leveraging mobile’s inherent local power to drive acquisition.

The Hershey Company: Using Mobile to Build a Better Business and a Better Future

Learn how Hershey utilizes mobile to support charitable causes, as well as to support their supply chain and business results and to drive their corporate mission.

Walmart: How Mobile is Transforming Retail

Greg Warren, Vice President, Creative Marketing, Walmart U.S., discussed how Walmart is leveraging mobile to engage, provide useful tools, and offer mobile commerce to their consumers through a continuous channel experience.

The Zero Moment of Truth: Shaping Yesterday’s Purchase Funnel

Jim Lecinski, managing director, U.S. sales & service, Google, and author, "Winning at the Zero Moment of Truth," and John Ross, CEO, Shopper Sciences, discussed the “Zero Moment of Truth,” user directed, digital pre-shopping activity.

8 Proven Techniques for Creating New Names

Steve Rivkin, Managing Partner, Rivkin & Associates LLC, discussed eight proven techniques for generating names for new products, services, and companies.

Success in Mobile: Brand Case Studies and Latest Trends

Marcus Startzel, SVP, sales, Millennial Media, discussed the latest trends in mobile and how marketers can take advantage of them in order to meet a variety of marketing objectives.

Scope of Work

Mike Farmer, chairman and founder, Farmer & Company, discussed misalignments in scope of work practices and how a successful, well-structured SOW can help clients and agencies to determine the appropriate agency resources and fees.

Social Media: How We Got Here and Where We're Going Next

Boris Bauer and Angela Cason, TEMPO, discuss a framework for evaluating new social media applications and choosing the ones that best fit your business objectives.

Media and Procurement

Bryan Rees, assistant director, SMGX, discussed the language of media and how national television is purchased and evaluated.

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