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Choosing the Right Partner

Brett Colbert, CPO, MDC Partners, discussed how shopping for agencies on the basis of price alone may be a big mistake and how the most important thing is for clients to find an agency that is the perfect fit.

How the Coca-Cola Company Is Approaching Mobile Marketing

Tom Daly, group manager, interactive marketing, The Coca-Cola Company shared the brand’s global approach to mobile marketing, mobile best practices, key learnings, and trends within the mobile space.

Best Practices In Social Media Production

Amanda Goodspeed, digital subject matter expert, APR, walked through the production process for social media and discussed the different types of social media productions, timing, and budgetary guidelines.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: You Know You Love It

Chris Miles, senior director, advertising, Kraft Foods North America, and Noelle O'Mara, senior brand manager, Kraft Foods North America, discussed Kraft’s decision to create a new branding campaign for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

TerraCycle: Getting Creative with Garbage

Albe Zakes, VP, media relations, TerraCycle, discussed how TerraCycle is able to collect non-recyclable garbage created from consumer packaging and turn it into new products.

Win-Win Results: Working Effectively with Your Public Relations Firms

Kathy Cripps, president, Council of Public Relations Firms, and Anthony Viceroy, global president and CFO, Porter Novelli, discussed the importance of having a strong working relationship between a brand and its public relations firm.

Crayola Creativity: Our Cause, Our Culture

In this presentation, Crayola discussed how they understand and articulate their brand identity using integrated marketing in a way that compels change in internal culture and consumer communication.

Best Practices in Internal Communications

Kara Bullock, senior vice president and account director, Tribe, and Lindsay Podrid, vice president and creative director, Tribe, provided case studies from brands that excel in internal communications and discussed tips for success in this area.

How to Make a Good Digital Game

Christian Meyer, senior vice president and general manager, GSN Digital Solutions shared proven techniques for creating a hit online game.

Guidelines for Agency Search

Eve Reiter, vice president, Marketing Category Management and Agency Relations, American Express Company, and chair of the ANA Agency Relations Committee, discussed best practices that can help marketers, their procurement teams, and agencies go through an effective search and selection process to create better working relationships.

Seven Ways to Promote Innovation in Your Marketing Program

Christopher W. Miller, Ph.D., NPDP, offered seven proven ways to get value from an innovation effort.

Beyond Reach: Redefining Online Advertising Waste and Revealing its Value

Charles Buchwalter, SVP, Nielsen Online, and Jon Gibbs, SVP, Nielsen Analytics and Insight, were joined by Jeffrey Holecko, media manager, Kimberly-Clark, to discuss the keys to defining a successful online ad campaign.

Kraft: The Multicultural Digital Lifestyle: Social, Mobile, Always On

Marla Skiko, EVP, director of digital innovation, SMG Multicultural, discussed the preferences and digital behaviors of U.S. multicultural consumers. Tania Cameron, senior manager CRM-Hispanic segment, Kraft Foods, shared the Comida Kraft case study highlighting U.S. Hispanic digital usage.

The Nine Unwritten Keys to Social Media Planning and Measurement

Owned and earned media make up the foundation of marketing plans today. Rex Briggs, CEO, Marketing Evolution, provided practical tools to build a plan, forecast results, and monitor and measure performance of owned and earned media.

Secrets of Activating Your Consumer Segmentation

Scott Turner, SVP of Agency/Advertiser Sales, GfK MRI, Dr. Lauren Tucker, director of Consumer Forensics, The Martin Agency, and Dr. Eamon Boyle, director of Advanced Model and Research Design, The Martin Agency, discussed how activating a consumer segmentation study can pay big dividends and presented a case study on BFGoodrich’s use of customer segmentation.

Yahoo!: Capitalizing on the Creative Canvas

Angela Reynar, senior director, Category Insights, Yahoo!, Lauren Weinberg, vice president, Insights and Research, Yahoo!, and Brian Levine, president and co-founder, Innerscope Research, discussed cutting-edge research techniques used to understand what engages consumers most effectively and how to best capitalize on larger, innovative ad units.

Seven Unwritten Principles for a Successful Pricing Strategy

Ronald J. Baker, founder of VeraSage Institute, provided a framework to enable brands to better match price to value and explained why it’s important to understand the value products have in the lives of consumers.

Understanding Marketing Sourcing Maturity

Paul Duxbury, managing director, Spire, and Steve Lightfoot, communications procurement manager, World Federation of Advertisers, discussed data from a 2010 survey, as well as a soon-to-be-released diagnostic tool, that will help organizations to understand their marketing sourcing maturity.

Why Cross-Cultural Is the Wrong Approach to Multicultural

Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO, and McGhee Williams Osse, Co-CEO, Burrell Communications, discussed a recent study conducted to develop a true portrait of everyday African-American consumers.

Marketing to the New Majority: Strategies for a Diverse World

David Burgos, VP, multicultural practice, Millward Brown, and Ola Mobolade, managing director, Firefly Millward Brown and co-author of Marketing to the New Majority, discussed the changed marketplace revealed in the new 2010 Census data and showed how marketers can develop integrated campaigns that effectively reach these culturally diverse consumer populations.

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