Honda Levels Up Its Marketing: Reach A More Diversified Audience In Gaming

November 18, 2020

In an effort to continue driving business outcomes in the modern era, Honda launched an innovative marketing strategy to reach a new type of audience – the younger generation of next car buyers. The growth of esports and particularly, its growing online reach and inherent digital-first nature, presented a key opportunity to engage with an important consumer segment. In the last two years, Honda officially began making its mark by partnering with Team Liquid, a prominent global esports organization, and League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), a top-tier regional esports league run by game developer, Riot Games. The synergy among these two endemic partnerships along with other strategic platforms like Twitch played a pivotal role in their communication plan. In this session, you will learn: • Honda's overall strategy in gaming and esports • Insight into existing programs • Strategic roles of different elements in Honda's partnerships play