Two Lanes Tangled in Digital Video are Preventing Automation

June 18, 2018

Video is Rapidly Becoming a Ubiquitous Medium

Once the stronghold of television sets and prime-time viewing, video content has escaped the confines of the living room television and may now be found on devices — and surfaces — of all sizes and forms. Make no mistake, video is still in the living room and a renaissance of high quality content is driving viewership to new levels. However, video is also in hands, on the road, at the checkout counter, at the gas pump, even on the sides of buildings — the list goes on. With this comes the opportunity for advertisers to engage audiences in new ways, reaching them with never-before-possible levels of precision and targeting and presenting them with compelling brand stories that resonate.

The opportunities this presents to video advertisers are exciting and the technologies for buying targeted audience segments are rapidly evolving. These technologies leverage high degrees of automation, based upon standardized protocols for computer-to-computer information exchange. Even traditional linear television is seeing a trend toward more automation in buying and selling, known as "programmatic TV," as well as a dramatic growth in the use of traditional screens and set-top boxes repurposed for Video on Demand (VOD), where it is possible to use dynamic ad insertion to tailor messages to individual users.

The result is a dynamic marketplace where media can be identified and bought in milliseconds. As the audience has spread out to more and more devices, unfortunately the process for identifying and securing the video ad creative to execute against the purchased media remains bogged down in archaic, manual workflows that are in sharp contrast to the automation available in the buying and selling of media.

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"Two Lanes Tangled in Digital Video are Preventing Automation." Dan Brackett, CTO of Extreme Reach; Andy Jones, CTO of adstream; Amit Sherry, Senior Director of Video and Audio at IAB Tech Lab; and Jarrett Wold, Director of Technology and Platforms at Ad-iD, 2018.

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