The Breakup: A Confidential Letter

February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day is near, a time for loved ones to celebrate the strength and beauty of their relationships. Although for many, it can be a sore reminder of failed relationships and painful breakups. Studies show more than 85 percent of American adults have experienced a breakup at least once in their lifetime.

When it comes to the world of marketing, it's safe to assume that a breakup is something that EVERYONE on the agency and client sides have experienced at least once, if not multiple times, in their career. Advertisers and agencies are breaking up at an increased pace, and relationships are being reduced to months, sometimes years, but rarely decades as once was typical.

No matter how many breakups you've been through, they never get easier. Through my years of giving agencies and clients relationship advice I've seen many CMOs highlight extremely frustrating problems as reason for ending a relationship.

Sadly, none of these scenarios have to be a reality — my hope is that you're never on the receiving end of this kind of letter.

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"The Breakup: A Confidential Letter." Bruno Gralpois, Founder of Agency Mania Solutions, February 2018.

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