Igniting Purpose-Led Growth

May 8, 2018

Purpose-led companies can make a tremendous difference in the world. Businesses have the size, reach and trust it takes, and people expect companies to use this power for a good purpose. Purpose can drive growth, yet all too often this doesn't happen. Purpose is one of the most misunderstood and misused business buzzwords today.

Where do companies go wrong with purpose? Why is purpose so criticized and so undervalued? In particular, what does it actually mean to be purpose-led? What is the process for putting purpose to work? Kantar Consulting has helped many companies find the answers to these questions. Purpose is a core practice area of Kantar Consulting and a focal point of thought-leadership. This white paper outlines the multi-step journey it takes for a company to become truly purpose-led — a proven framework to unlock the potential of purpose to generate growth and improve society.

Becoming purpose-led is not easy. It's hard to get comfortable with purpose-driven tactics in today's contentious and transparent market environment. Very few brands have been able to get to purpose as a movement.
Once begun, there are three big steps in the journey.

Articulation carries a brand from tactics to promise. Infusion then moves a brand from promise to strategy. And finally, amplification gets a brand from strategy to movement.

These are very specific tasks that can be benchmarked and assessed against a set of identifiable, quantitative criteria. These steps and the criteria for each constitute the Kantar Consulting Purpose 2020 framework.

  1. Articulation — Take a Stand!

    Purpose is not vision or mission. Purpose is the reason a brand exists — it is the positive impact a brand makes in people's lives and the world they live in.
  2. Infusion — Involve Everyone!

    Infusing purpose means inspiring everyone and everything, every time and everywhere. It is not one function like marketing, but all functions, all propositions and all decisions. In Marketing 2020, 80 percent of over-performing companies said they linked everything they did to purpose, compared to only 32 percent of under-performing companies.

    By infusing everything, purpose becomes more than just a clever marketing campaign. It becomes a driving force with consumers.
  3. Amplification — Spark a Movement!

    Once purpose is articulated and infused, it must be advanced beyond the company itself. This means sparking a movement and stimulating others to join the cause.

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“Igniting Purpose-Led Growth.” Kantar Media, 2018.

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