The Role of Premium Multi-Screen Video in an Ad Campaign

November 7, 2018

This paper focuses on the role and effectiveness of premium multi-screen video in a marketer's video plan and identifies six key elements of a strong video ad platform.

  • The six key elements discussed are: reach and scale; ability to drive sales; emotional connection with consumers; social and cultural relevance; strong data and analytics capabilities and brand- building ad environment.
  • Multi-platform TV drives both immediate and long-term sales and provides a halo to other marketing elements making them more effective, while cinema piques consumer curiosity and drives website traffic.
  • The premium, compelling content offered by TV and cinema builds a strong emotional connection with consumers and this environment is important as purchase intent is impacted by emotional engagement.
  • Brands looking to increase their consumer relevance and fame will benefit from a presence within premium multi-screen video content as these environments inspire conversation, word of mouth and buzz, and offer an unmatched ad environment with superior viewability, brand safety and buy transparency.

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"The Role of Premium Multi-Screen Video in an Ad Campaign." Video Advertising Bureau, 2017.

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