Dining Out: Who’s Serving Up Success?

May 20, 2018

The US dining industry is doing more than just providing Americans with food and sustenance. Over the years, dining brands have become not just associated with meals, but with certain values, lifestyles, and demographics.

From fast food to steakhouses, YouGov's latest sector report on the dining industry's top performers is an analysis of American opinion. YouGov's syndicated data — YouGov BrandIndex (our daily brand and perception tracking tool) and YouGov Profiles (our audience segmentation and profiling tool) — unveils the dining brands people are talking about most, the ones families value most highly, and where sports fans are likely to eat next.

YouGov's in-depth case studies of three successful brands — Little Caesar's, Chick-fil-A, and Texas Roadhouse — highlight the areas where they are doing well in addition to identifying subsets of the population who may have a negative perception of the brands. YouGov then taps into who these people are and offers insights into their attitudes and behaviors.

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"Dining Out: Who's Serving Up Success?" YouGov, 2018.

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