Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Marketing Industry

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the marketing and advertising industries. Both brands and their agencies must adapt to accelerating changes in both demographics and identity so their companies more accurately reflect what the country looks like — and they have a more accurate pulse on their audiences.

The ANA's 2021 Diversity Report shows the marketing and advertising industries have made progress when it comes to DEI, but there's a still a long way to go. If they want to reach new markets, stay viable, and expand their overall aperture, brands are going to have to dig deeper.

In this episode of Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz is joined by Bill Duggan, group EVP at the ANA, and the lead author of the Diversity Report, and Natasha Miller Williams, head of diversity and inclusion at food company Ferrara, to discuss how brand managers create a strategic framework for DEI and change their mindset regarding dramatic changes in consumer engagement.

The Champions of Growth Podcast airs Wednesdays at 2PM EST. For more information about the ANA Podcast Network, visit www.ana.net/podcasts.

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