How Marketers Boost Their Appeal to Gen Z

Put a premium on safety. Avoid the hard sell. Emphasize brand values. These are just a few of the most effective ways for brands and organizations to boost their appeal to Gen Zers, according to Mallory Russell, VP of global content and the web at Square, which provides digital payments and other services targeting the business sector.

Sixty-seven million strong, Gen Zers (born between 1995 and 2012) have started to draw some sharp distinctions from their millennial predecessors. They're the very first generation that are digitally native and cannot recall a time when our lives were not tied to the algorithm. At the same time, they're showing a keen interest in the early 1990s and all things analog, which makes engaging with this cohort a little tricky.

In the latest episode of Champions of Growth, Russell joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss what separates Gen Zers from the pack as well as the emotional qualities they share with previous generations. Russell also shares best practices on how to develop content that will appeal to this increasingly influential group.

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"How Marketers Boost Their Appeal to Gen Z." Champions of Growth Podcast, 8/25/22.

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