What Does the New Normal Look Like for Marketers?

President Biden's announcement last month that the pandemic is over landed with a veritable thud. Perhaps that's because well before the decree folks seemed to be putting the pandemic behind them, with people returning to their offices, football stadiums and concert venues packed, and shoppers scurrying back to brick-and-mortar stores to start their holiday shopping.

But pull back the lens and the picture reveals some dramatic changes in consumer behavior that are still unfolding. Indeed, just 13 percent of consumers think things are going back to some sense of normal and 87 percent say Covid-19 will lead to permanent changes in society compared to the so-called "Before Times." That's according to "The Human Condition 2020: Shock To The System."

The report, released by marketing agency Known, is based on the responses from nearly 1800 people nationwide, ages 13 to 71. Known took the pulse of respondents twice: soon after the pandemic hit in March 2020 and again toward the end of the year when vaccines started to become available. Ross Martin, cofounder and president of Known, joins Champions of Growth host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the study and what it means for marketers, as well as other changes in consumer behavior wrought by the pandemic.

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"What Does the New Normal Look Like for Marketers?" Champions of Growth Podcast, 10/19/22.

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