What’s in Store for Marketers in 2023?

Whether it's confronting the growing link between programmatic ad buying and climate change, or recruiting new types of talent, there's no dearth of challenges facing marketers in 2023. The various challenges for CMOs and marketers are compounded by a troubling economy. While the inflation rate has dropped a tad, it's still pretty severe and could damper on consumer spending next year. What's more, a recession looms large, in which all bets may need to be reevaluated.

As Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of National Advertisers, said at the association's Masters of Marketing Conference last October: "In the next few months, if you have not already been asked, you're going to be asked to cut your budgets, you're going to be asked to find ways to save money. This is not the time to do that." Indeed, the pressure is on CMOs to prove the worth of their company's marketing investments and convince the C-suite to stay the course. But marketers also need to tread carefully when it comes to forecasting the future and brace for what's expected to be an unpredictable business environment next year.

Liodice and Nick Primola, EVP at the ANA, who is the primary lead for the ANA Global CMO Growth Council, join host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the top priorities for marketers heading into 2023, how companies strike the right balance between performance marketing and branded advertising, and much more.


"What's in Store for Marketers in 2023." Champions of Growth Podcast, 12/8/22.

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