Unlocking the Subconscious to Build Consumer Trust

As consumers look to business to solve the biggest challenges of our time, they are throwing their support and dollars behind brands they trust. But here's the problem: Less than half of brands are seen as trustworthy.

Pranav Yadav, global CEO at Neuro-Insight

So, how do brands build trust and break through with consumers? Pranav Yadav, global CEO at Neuro-Insight, a leading neuromarketing and neuroanalytics resource, says businesses must dig deep by tapping into subconscious human motivations, emotions, and intuition that influence behavior. Only then, Pranav says, can brands truly develop marketing messages that leave a positive impression, influence buying decisions, and build trust.

In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Pranav joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss this topic more at length, including the role purpose plays in building trust, and why it's critical to identify the true feelings people have about brands.

The Beyond Profit Podcast airs Tuesdays at 10AM EST. For more information about the ANA Podcast Network, visit www.ana.net/podcasts.


"Unlocking the Subconscious to Build Consumer Trust." Beyond Profit Podcast, 2/21/23.

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