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How to Pump Up the Volume for Podcast Advertising

If everyone and their cousin hosts a podcast who is listening? The overall number of podcasts is quite fluid these days. in a blog post, Steven Goldstein, founder and CEO of Amplifi Media, threw shade on the 4.4 million podcasts cited by Apple and pegged the numbers of shows with 10 or more episodes, instead, at roughly 1.3 million. But what's a few million podcasts here and there?

Bryan Barletta, partner at Sounds Profitable

Regardless of a precise number of podcasts, the growing influence of podcasting can't be denied. The ad side of the business — now around $2 billion — may even be undervalued. That's according to Bryan Barletta, a partner at Sounds Profitable, a research and advocacy firm focused on the business of podcasting.

Barletta joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss why analysts are lowballing the overall value of podcasting, how a downturn in the economy may affect the market, and why brands may have only scratched the surface when it comes to ad creative for podcasting.

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