Brand Safety Is Job One for The Guardian

Putting up a paywall and gating most of their content is the norm among many publishers, who rely on subscriptions to monetize their content. The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic are just a few of the top media brands that ask you to pony up after reading a few articles gratis. However, The Guardian has a different model, one that relies heavily — but not solely — on advertising to help pay the bills.

Luis Romero, SVP of advertising for North America at The Guardian

Relying on ads, of course, puts a bigger onus on the publication to provide its advertisers with enhanced brand safety. With that in mind The Guardian recently announced that it is working with a contextual ad firm, Iluma, to come to more equitable terms for both parties for monetizing contextual data taken from The Guardian's web site.

Luis Romero, SVP of advertising for North America at The Guardian, joins host Matthew Schwartz to unpack the deal and why is it a win-win for both The Guardian and marketers. Romero also tackles how the deal relates to the phasing out of third-party cookies, the demise of BuzzFeed News, and what it means for marketers to go beyond digital advertising.

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"Brand Safety is Job One for The Guardian." Champions of Growth Podcast, 5/29/23.

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